Harry Potter and Little Blue Engine of Complete Randomness

So for the last two days or so I’ve been trying to think of something remotely clever or entertaining or sweet and adorable or thought-provoking to post in this here blog of mine, and failing utterly.

Not that my life isn’t full of clever, entertaining, sweet and adorable, thought-provoking moments. Au contrair. (Is that how you spell that? Meh. Who cares.) In fact, my life is full of these moments. Unfortunately it is also full of exhausting, hair-pulling, irritating, brain-stealing, mundane moments. And at the end of the day, when I try to think back to whatever it was that made me double over in laughter or pause for a moment of reflection, usually what I come up with is, “well, I cut out some coupons and unloaded the dishwasher today . . . hmmm . . . I’m pretty sure there was more to it than that . . . something with wax lips maybe? Oooh look, something shiny!!”

So today, instead of a fabulously insightful, witty, entertaining blog entry from yours truly, you get a mediocre rambling one full of information that no one cares about. Aren’t you lucky???

Yesterday while the kids were at VBS I clipped coupons, folded laundry, and watched Live with Regis and Kelly. I haven’t watched that show since before I had kids, and I don’t remember Kelly Ripa being so entertaining. Maybe it’s just because Will Ferrell was guest hosting? Or maybe because I have been slightly more sleep-deprived than normal this week and everything is either hysterically funny or hysterically tragic (this blog is clearly the latter today). However, I greatly enjoyed watching Live and will be very sad next week when 9:00 goes back to being Sesame Street time.

Dear Suburbia Baptist Church,

Thank you for hosting Vacation Bible School at your church this week. In addition to all the fun Bible stories and exciting toy prizes my sons have brought home with them, I have greatly enjoyed my time home alone with the baby. While I had originally intended to use this week for the Betterment of Society, AKA cleaning up my house, I have instead chosen to spend my mornings watching TV and catching up with my peeps on the internet. Without you, I would have never had the privilege of seeing Will Ferrell in gold hammer pants and a sports coat, feeding a baby camel. You have brought new meaning to my life, and I am forever grateful.


Erin (the Princess of Something)

Today I realized that there is only one month and thirteen days left until the opening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It may surprise my readers to know that I am somewhat of a Harry Potter fan. As in, Art and I went to Borders and stood in line at midnight to get our copy of book seven, and then I stayed up pretty much all night reading it. We did not, however, dress up as characters from the novel, which in my opinion is just weird. WAY weirder than two adults going to a book release party with a band called “Ministry of Magic.” WAY. WEIRDER.

Anyway, today while I was feeding Gracie and multitasking online via my seventeen open firefox tabs, I ended up watching the trailer to Half-Blood Prince on youTube. (I do crucial things while online, people. Crucial.) And then I told Art that it looked good and I can’t wait to see it. And then I suggested (totally kidding, of course) that we should go to the midnight showing. “And we could dress up like characters!” I added, totally kidding, of course, because as I said above, we are not that weird. Ha. Ha.

“Yeah!!!” Piped in Ryan, who will not be watching any Harry Potter movies until he outgrows his fear of the giant gourd on the Veggie Tales Silly Song Countdown, “I could dress up like Thomas!!!”

Which filled me with a great desire to go to the Harry Potter opening at midnight with my six-year-old dressed as Thomas the Tank Engine, just to see what people would say.

I love this family.


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter and Little Blue Engine of Complete Randomness

  1. The good news is that Bradley Cooper will be guest-hosting Regis and Kelly tomorrow, right? You are going to curl up with chocolate Ice Cream and dreams in your heart…

  2. I can’t wait!! It’s the week of my birthday and am totally stoked to go!!

    I think a Thomas appearance would totally rock, but I think you are wise to wait until Giant Gourds are no longer an issue….

  3. Ok, I think you must be my long lost random humor twin. B/c a Thomas appearance? That would be HILARIOUS.
    And seriously, afraid of the giant gourd? I’m trying not to laugh b/c I know it’s not nice to laugh at the expense of a little boy. But that’s all kinds of cute. 🙂

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