Having Big Brothers

It’s good to have big brothers.

When you are sad, they try to make you feel better.


They will help take care of you. Maybe even check you for head lice if you need it.


Although sometimes they might try to eat your head,


they really just want to give you kisses.


They’re always good for a laugh when you’d rather be eating dinner than laying in the grass.


Yup, they’re pretty nice, which is why little sisters can’t help but adore them.


When you have big brothers, you always know there’s someone to love you, watch out for you, and stick up for you.


And if you’re lucky, they’ll share their wax lips*.


What more could a baby girl ask for?

If it seems like the lighting in these pictures is all over the place, it’s because it is. I swear I fixed it fourteen times in picasa, but for some reason it wasn’t saving things when it said it did and eventually I just gave up. Whatever!

*Laura, I took that picture just for you so I hope you appreciate it! πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Having Big Brothers

  1. These are precious, especially with your wonderfully loving commentaries! (I wish the one of them tryng to eat Grace’s head had shown up on my computer!)

  2. Love all the pictures and the one of Gracie with waxed lips is hysterical as is the one of the brothers “eating” her head!! They are just so cute!!! Great pictures!!

  3. loving the wax lips!

    just wait until she’s running around and hanging on their shirt tails, it’s the cutest thing. my girls totally rely on my boys for everything, they are lost without them and the boys play their big brother part perfectly. it’s awesome. the Lord is good. πŸ™‚

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