I Love This Family

I love  my husband because tonight when he was putting our frozen pizza in the oven, he accompanied his endeavors by singing the Swedish Chef song.

I love Ryan because when I was going through his folder of school artwork, I found this lovely bit of artistic genius:


It’s George Washington, yo.

I love Sam because when he’s saying the 23rd Psalm, he says “Surely goodness and nursery will follow me all the days of my life.”

I love Gracie, because, well, just look at her. What’s not to love?

gracie's smile!!

Yup. I definitely love this crazy little family.

That is all.


6 thoughts on “I Love This Family

  1. What a nice visit I had at your blog today. A real treat! You have a new fan.

    Your son’s Psalm 23 recitation reminds me of myself in first grade. My parents were new Christians and I just embraced church with my whole heart. During the service I used to sing the Gloria Patri (Glory be to the Father, and to the Son…) at the top of my lungs. I loved it. It was after a good 6 months of my belting out my new favorite tune that I realized it ended with the words “World without end!” instead of the “Long Live the King!” that I was so enthusiastically singing.

    Oops. God must have been chuckling.

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