And I Like It Best . . .

Love is


A very special thing


A smile, a tear, a soft summer rain


It has no beginning


It has no end


And I like it best when it’s shared with a friend large plastic flower dangling from my bouncy chair.



9 thoughts on “And I Like It Best . . .

  1. OMG Erin… You totally crack me up. Your daughter is beautiful, and I totally laughed out loud at your mad dash back to the house. I’ve completely done that before.

    Your son fussing at you for forgetting the library card is priceless. LOL


  2. Okay Erin,
    This is making me cry with so many memories! I think I still have the picture of you when you sang that at 2 years old for My mother and Father (Grandma and Grandpa) I will try and post it on FB!

  3. Great visual rendition of a classic song! Which incidentally, my sisters and I “sang” at a wedding when we were 10,7 and 5 (I use the term “sang” loosely). We used to sing it ALL THE TIME. Was it a Psalty song or something? I can’t remember. Anyhoo….loved this!!

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