I Have No Idea

I have started this blog entry five different times, and it’s been stupid and not funny or poignant or even mildly interesting. So I’m giving up.

But before I leave, I have to tell you this little story.

We were at our church softball game tonight, and afterwards I got talking with one of the guys from church about this blog. He said that he and his wife read it sometimes, and that it makes them laugh. I responded how I always do when people say something like that, which is to say something random and stupid instead of just saying “thank you” like my mother taught me to do when receiving a compliment.

Then he said, “You know, it’s kind of like those movies that are on TV, and you know that there’s something better on another channel but you just keep watching because it’s funny.”

Which might be the funniest, most backhanded whatever-that-was that anyone has ever given me.

And I’m still laughing about it two hours later.

He’s absolutely right, you know. There are many other better channels on these here internets. Thank you for being too lazy to go looking for them.

And Will, if you ever to decide to start to blog, let me know so that I can find a way to get even.

Happy Weekend, Everyone.


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