Grandma and Grandpa’s House!

Today we came to Omaha to visit my parents, as a special Father’s Day gift to my dad. Because nothing says “I love you” like a house full of noisy kids, stepping on TinkerToys in the middle of the night, and listening to a baby cry to all hours.

We love you that much, Dad.

Anyway, as usual my mom had a fun activity planned for the boys. This time they made liquid fireworks, and the boys thought they were pretty stinking cool.




Dad’s contribution to the education and entertainment of my kids might have been less scientific, but it was certainly no less fun. He turned on the Swedish Chef for their enjoyment, and even Gracie got in on the action.


Eventually Dad branched out into other Muppets as well, much to Gracie’s delight.



Eventually, it was time for bed. After stories and potty and jammies and kisses, Sam decided to entertain us all one last time by wearing his Kiki like a dress.


And Gracie just decided to be cute. And to slightly cross her eyes. Because that’s how she rolls.


Or at least, that’s how she would roll, if she were capable of rolling. Which she isn’t. Because she’s not even eight weeks old yet.

Tomorrow in honor of Father’s Day I shall either post sappy pictures of my dad and husband with the kids, or write a witty and poignant piece about the love of a father, or slap together a few haiku and call it a day.

You’ll just have to come back tomorrow and see which one I end up doing.

I know. Around here, the suspense, it is oh so hard to bear.


6 thoughts on “Grandma and Grandpa’s House!

  1. oh my gosh. gracie is soooo darn cute. and how cute is your dad with the kids?! huh?! oh my gosh, it’s almost too much. and can you let me in on your mom’s little fireworks secret because i’m kind of amazed and i want to do it too. 😀

  2. How adorable! It’s so fun to see them having a great time with grandpa and grandma. I hope you enjoy your father’s day together!

  3. beautiful pics and I can see Irv loves having the grandkids there with him. Loved the blog and I can’t to read tomorrow’s masterpiece!!!

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