What Is It about the Butter?

pfaltzgraff_america_butter_tub_with_lid_P0000075034S0007T2My husband is entirely awesome and I absolutely adore him. He is so much more than I deserve.

But he seems to have some sort of issue in regards to the butter tub.

He will make a sandwich and put everything away, except the butter.

He will clean up after dinner and leave the butter sitting on the counter.

He will pick up after I make a mess in the kitchen, and not pick up the butter.

What is it?

Does he hate the butter?

Should I buy a different brand?

Does the butter have some sort of force-field around it that makes it invisible to his eyes?

Is he conducting a science experiment?

Does he have religious convictions against refridgerated butter?

It is a mystery, and I will not rest until I learn the answer.

These are the things I ponder when I lie awake at night.

Because my mind, it is a well of deep thought.

What is it about the butter?

Technically it’s margarine. Maybe that’s the problem.


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