Midnight Surprise

Last night before bed I did my traditional pre-sleep routine. Check email one last time, turn off lights, take medication, etc. And, of course, check on the boys. They usually need to be covered back up or taken potty or given kisses. And anyway, after a day of listening to them fight, cleaning up after them, and answering a multitude of hard-to-answer questions, seeing them so angelic in their sleep always makes motherhood seem a little sweeter.

So last night when I went into the boys’ room, I discovered that I was missing a child.


(Sorry for the funky way these pictures look. I was too lazy to play with the camera and get the pictures to look good).

Now, I have to say, this was not the first time I have found Sam’s bed empty. Usually, though, he’s right there on the floor next to his bed. Last night it took a little investigation to locate him.

But no fear. He had not jumped out the window or anything.


And you all didn’t believe me when I said he is a complete weirdo.

I made Art get out of bed to come see his son. Because I am all about sharing the joy. He said that maybe this was Sam’s cry for a new bed. Which, I know. He’s pretty big for a toddler bed but every time we have money for a big bed something stupid happens like the air conditioner in the van goes out and $400 later still doesn’t work, not that I’m bitter or anything . . .

Besides, if this is a plea for a new bed, maybe we should just get him a box.


The closet in the boys’ room is over the stairs so it goes way back up high like a cave. Right now it’s really full of stuff but if I ever get it cleaned out I have a feeling it won’t be long before I find this boy burrowed in up there. 🙂

So am I the only one with a floor sleeper? Where have you found your kids in the middle of the night?


14 thoughts on “Midnight Surprise

  1. Danielle went downstairs to see her Grandpa who was sleeping on the couch. She fell asleep on the floor, using the first step as her pillow.

  2. Too cute, Erin! 🙂 I find Brendan in odd places too. Usually I wake up and trip over him on my bedroom floor in the middle of the night.

  3. Well, I don’t have kids, but I was a floor/hallway/anywhere but bed sleeper as a child, so I’m sure I’ll have at least one rover on my hands. 🙂

  4. Too cute, Erin! Buddy is my “floor sleeper”! I have found him hanging off his bed when he was in his toddler bed (like with his knees on the floor and his head on his bed), and sometimes he sleeps between his bed and the wall.

  5. Other places Ray has been found: under the bed — really scared my Mother, when she couldn’t find him. Not only IN the drawer, but in the cabinet where the drawer should have been when we were preparing the drawers for refinishing. My other two weren’t nearly such clever sleepers, except that Mac slept on his knees facing the back of an airline seat on an overseas flight.

  6. On the bed with each other,on the floor,on the couch,in the toybox……shall I go on LOL.

    Nikki kept sliding of her bed feet first, that is how we knew it was time…girl if you were closer I could give you a bed frame! I have an extra one!

  7. Hey, if he’s happy sleeping on the floor, why buy a new bed? 🙂

    Also, have you heard of Freecycle? I bet you could get a new bed on there for free! 🙂

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