Playing Tag the Bloggy Way

Since playing Tag the normal way involves running and therefore is not high on my “fun list of things for Erin to do,” I am pleased to be involved in a game of bloggy tag, thanks to Kazzy. So I guess what I have to do is tell you seven things about myself and then tag a few more people to do the same thing. Which I’m pretty sure I can do without even breaking a sweat.

One– I obsessively do the speed limit. People kind of hate to drive behind me, but I’ve never had a speeding ticket so I guess it pays off. (Mom and Dad, you can just pretend that I’ve been religiously following this rule since I first got my license, mmmkay?)

Two– I always dress my kids for holidays. In fact, I just returned from a shopping trip where I bought a very cute little red,white, and blue outfit for Miss Gracie at Kohl’s for only $2.76. I had a coupon. We also dress in green for St. Patrick’s, in red and pink for Valentine’s Day, and wear our Santa hats pretty much wherever we go for the entire month of December.

Three– I have issues when it comes to organization. As in, I am completely and utterly disorganized. I even drive myself crazy.

Four– I’m pretty convinced that the only thing stopping my husband from being the ultimate perfect man is that he can’t sing like Michael Buble. I love Michael Buble. It’s probably good that Art doesn’t sound like him, though, because if he did I’d be in a swoon pretty much all the time, and then how would I  blog?

Five– The only thing I can draw is penguins and the occasional elephant, thanks to my hubby, who taught me to draw them as part of our courtship. I draw a penguin on my closing checklist every night at work to make the girl who checks my classroom smile. This is one of the many ways I entertain myself.

Six– I really, really love ice cream. We have a very unhealthy relationship.

Seven– Somewhere I have a file of all the poetry I wrote in high school. It was very full of angst and drama and if I ever find the file I promise to share it with you so we can all have a good laugh at the expense of my poor woe-filled 16-year-old self. Seriously. It’s hilarious.

And since we’re playing tag here, I will say “you’re it” to Jo, Carrie, Maria, and my sister Laura.


6 thoughts on “Playing Tag the Bloggy Way

  1. ME??? I’m no good at this stuff and you know it. I’ll do it, but mine won’t be nearly as entertaining, and I’m not sure I even have anyone to tag….

  2. We should get together and compare high school journals. Hours of entertainment, right there, I tell you.
    So, in this kindof tag, are tag-backs allowed? No? Ok. Well I’ll put this into my massive bloggy posting queue. (dripping sarcasm).

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