The Thing about Sam

Is that the boy knows how to have fun. He just throws himself into it, with no reservations, just pure joy.

This is him “dancing” while he waited in line to go in the bounce house at a music festival thing we went to on Saturday.


The people in the line around him were not nearly as entertained as we were, but when your kid is just reveling in the music and being alive and having fun, well, that’s something you don’t interrupt if you can help it.


I wish we had had the video camera with us, because he danced like no one was watching for probably five minutes.


And then he was a teensy bit hot, sweaty, and thirsty.

I wish I knew how to throw myself into joy the way this little boy does– no holds barred, no self-consciousness, just a celebration of happiness.

Of course, the flip side of this coin is that when Sam is upset, it is quite the dramatic production of grief, sorrow, tears, and general failing.

I guess he just feels deeply.

It’s one of the things that makes him Sam.


4 thoughts on “The Thing about Sam

  1. Very cute pics! I love the idea of him dancing like no one is watching. 🙂 That’s one thing we lose when we become adults that we shouldn’t.

  2. There is a section of Anne of Green Gables when Marilla is worrying over Anne’s feeling too much, and that she is afraid Anne will come to a lot of pain in her life because she takes things so much to heart. Anne looks at Marilla and tells her that the flying on the wings of expectation is almost worth the crash. Perhaps this is Sam’s way of looking at life. Of course, in a much more manly sense.

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