In Which Gracie is Already Hanging with the Wrong Crowd

When Ryan was a baby, he basically had no idea that the television existed. When he was about six months old, I introduced him to Baby Einstein, and we would sit on the floor watching the little puppets and shiny things dance about the screen to the music of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. But that was the extent of his tv exposure until at least toddlerhood.

Six years later, my parenting has just gone right down the toilet.

My two-month-old daughter loves to watch videos on YouTube. It started with the Muppets, but now she is watching stuff that’s more hard-core. What is this world coming to anyway, when wee little girl-babies enjoy ogling roller-skating boys in wife beater onesies?

Next thing you know, she’ll be dressing all in black and hanging out at the skate park with a bunch of boys who spit and don’t wear kneepads.

Innocence. It is lost so young these days.


12 thoughts on “In Which Gracie is Already Hanging with the Wrong Crowd

  1. Ok, Gracie is just the cutest thing in a onesie! Oh, YouTube. We just had dinner with some friends who told us they had to cut off their children’s YouTube access because it was too easy for them to find weird stuff. “Look, bunnies! Look, bunnies having babies! Look, people having babies!” And so on…

    Did I mention their children are 6 and 3? Yes, little people who have been alive twenty-plus years less than me have a better grasp of YouTube than I do.

  2. I’m devastated. I think it was me who introduced her to YouTube. Can’t believe I contributed to her delinquency. Tell me it isn’t so.

  3. Oh my word–the things that must be going through that noggin of hers! How funny is it that she can barely hold her head up and she’s already sucked into YouTube!!

  4. I need to show her a really cool youtube movie of this guy playing flight of the bumblebee on the piano. Maybe I can find some kind of other, healthier choices for her!

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