In Which my Sons are as Witty as their Mother

An epic thing happened in my life recently. At work I discovered a pamphlet containing 100 activities to do around our area during the summer. This, combined with a sneaking suspicion that maybe I should spend more time with my older kids, and this great idea my sister had, led to me spending last night taping a whole bunch of squares of paper to the inside of my pantry door. Today Sam chose a random activity off the door (I put them face down so the boys have no idea what they’re going to get to do), and as a result I spent half an hour googling “jokes for kids” and trying to find a few that would be funny to my sons.

Thus it is that I present this fabulous video to you.

I think that Gracie’s reaction at the end is hilarious.

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “In Which my Sons are as Witty as their Mother

  1. I love how kid jokes are based on total nonsense, like elephants sitting on fences and wearing banana costumes. And actually, I still think they’re funny. Laffy Taffy? Gets me every time.

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