Because Cloud-Gazing Just Doesn’t Work Out on Sunny Days

Last night, Sam picked our activity for today, which was to be going outside and laying on the ground and finding pictures in the clouds. So of course I was very happy to discover a clear blue sky with narry a cloud in sight when the boys got up this morning. I decided to do something else from our activity list, so once I put Gracie down for her morning nap during which she always sleeps from 9:30-11:00, I started getting the ingredients together to make play dough.

Once we had all the ingredients assembled, I was delighted to hear Gracie crying. Sigh.

Thankfully she stopped crying once she was given a front-row seat to the fun.


This is the first time she sat in her Bumbo without slouching over in a baby puddle.

I really like doing cooking projects with the kids, because there’s so much you can teach them while you’re mixing and measuring. Ryan is starting to be able to read the recipes, and I’ve been working on basic fractions with him when we cook. Sam is all about the counting– four tablespoons, twenty strokes, whatever. So it’s a lot of fun.

We practice fractions a lot when we cook especially, because I can never find my tablespoon. Ryan had to figure out that if we needed 4 tablespoons of oil, that meant we need 8 half tablespoons of oil. Then Sam counted to 8 with me.


Once I had everything cooking on the stove, Sam thought it would be fun to play in the cream of tartar I had spilled all over the table.


I made yellow playdough because that’s the only color food coloring I had enough of. I think I’m going to make a batch of green though, because Art is reading The Wizard of Oz to the boys and then we can make the Emerald City.Today though they were perfectly happy to play with cookie cutters.


We used Gracie’s baby bottles to roll the dough out.


Ryan was so excited when he found these train cookie cutters.


And Sam was just up to his happy little ears in the joyful sensory fun of it all.


Gracie, however, was pretty much unimpressed. Can you tell she’d been in the Bumbo for a long time and was getting a bit tired by the time I took this picture? 🙂


Anyway, the play dough was a hit, and we’ll go cloud-gazing a different day.

I just want to say before I close that I really appreciate the kind words you all left in my comments yesterday. I am feeling much better physically today and slept much better last night, and it’s amazing how much brighter the world looks after a good night of rest. I am thankful for your continued prayers.

Have a peachy fun day.


3 thoughts on “Because Cloud-Gazing Just Doesn’t Work Out on Sunny Days

  1. Erin,
    I love the fun things you do and experience with your kids that are so often neglected in our busy, busy world! These are the memories they will cherish 🙂
    Gracie gets cuter every day and so do those stinker boys 🙂

  2. What a fun idea! I haven’t made Play-Doh in ages. I will have to do this with my own little guy this summer. 🙂

  3. The play dough idea was great!! Loved all the things the boys made. I noticed a piece in front of Gracie – Did she try to eat it????

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