Slices of Summer

This morning we went with some friends to Big Creek State Park for a cookout and some fellowship. When we first got there it was so cold that in spite of her cutie corduroy pants I had to wrap Gracie up in a quilt. Thankfully the sun came out and we were able to enjoy a fabulous time.


Gracie enjoyed sitting in her Bumbo so much the other day that we took it along to the park. She didn’t seem as convinced this time though. (See how her hair is all thin on top? It’s falling out. 😦 )

Thankfully our friends’ little boy got good use of it. And also Gracie’s Winnie the Pooh sunhat.


This is one of Gracie’s potential future husbands. If he stops crossdressing.

The boys had fun playing with their little friend on the beach. Ryan had brilliant detailed plans to make a huge fabulous sand castle, and I think he was disappointed when he realized that it’s not as easy as it sounds.


And also that the only tool we had with us for sand castle buildage was a plastic cup.


I don’t know about you, but I think pictures of kids eating watermelon are just the essence of summertime.



And sticky messy faces are the essence of having little boys in your house.


I give thanks for good friends and beaches, cookouts and sticky faces, frisbees and sand castles, sandy underpants and giant wooden playgrounds.


I give thanks for sweet children, who allow me to see the joys of summer through their eyes.


7 thoughts on “Slices of Summer

  1. Great pics! I love the way Gracie is sticking her tongue out in the first one LOL!

    I agree about the watermelon pics I have one of Jeannie eating it too, it just says summer all over.

  2. Fabulous pictures!
    Hurray for fabulous friends and fun times!
    Stop putting those big rubber band things on poor Gracie’s head and her hair will stop falling out! LOL

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