In Which I Write a Sonnet

This Day

This is the day that our good Lord has made–

This day of dirty laundry, piled high–

This day of questions: “How come, Mommy? Why?”–

This day of mud and bugs and lemonade.

This is the day my dear Friend made for me–

This day of sticky kisses, scraped-up knees–

This day of washing dishes, climbing trees–

This day of things to learn and things to see.

This is my day according to His plan–

This dust, that mess, this baby needing fed–

This stack of books and toys, that unmade bed–

This boy, that boy, this girl, and that good man.

This is the day, and be it good or bad,

In this day I rejoice– He makes me glad.



12 thoughts on “In Which I Write a Sonnet

  1. this brings a magnified light to this is the day the Lord has made… rejoice and be glad in it. ans so often i don’t wnt to rejoice in the unmade bed, the mud and the mess. thank you for this reminder that i must rejoice… because He said so!

  2. i LOVE this post!

    for the past 17 yrs, i have begun my day with the old song “this is the day that the lord has made, i WILL rejoice and be glad in it.”
    i have discovered in these mothering years, that rejoicing in this day is a choice.

    scripture says, “i will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart, i will enter his courts with praise.” and as a mommy, i NEED in there!

    last, i notice a huge change in me when i choose to rejoice rather than complain.


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