Points of View

Today the Together family went to this awesome state park here in Iowa called the Ledges. A huge part of the park is in a canyon, so if you use your imagination you can pretend that you’re somewhere with actual mountains. Anyway, today the boys got to learn to take pictures on our old digital camera, which they thought was pretty awesome. So I bring to you our outing to the Ledges, as seen through the eyes of every member of our family except the one who only tries to eat the camera. 🙂

IMG_4221The canyon at the Ledges has a stream running through it, which winds across the road at several different points and forms these pools where the kids like to swim.

IMG_4225That’s the road behind Mr. Funny Man there. He’s sitting on the edge of it where the water spills back into the creek to form the pool where the boys were swimming. And yes, he is a weirdo. We love him anyway.

IMG_4228The boys thought it was great fun to send their shoes down the little waterfalls.

IMG_4231After they had gotten all soaking wet, we decided to hike along the creek for awhile. Bubs wanted to take a picture of this little log because according to him it was the “biggest stick he had ever seen.”

P1010084Awesome, huh? I have to admit that I doctored up the ones that my sweetie and I took but not the ones the boys took. I think they’re more fun straight out of the camera!

P1010086He was trying to take a picture of the leaf. Holding the camera still is not his strongpoint; I’m pretty sure it was centered when he started to push the button. 😉


My sweetie took this shot while I was upstream with Bubs and the Little One trying to get her to calm down. That was a big fail (she was not loving on her sling today), so I boogied back to her stroller while the guys all trailed behind.

IMG_4249Once I got the Little One in her stroller and we walked a little ways, she fell asleep, which made all of us very happy.

IMG_4255We took advantage of this time to let the boys take a few more pictures.


I think he took this picture on accident. It’s his swim trunks, in case you can’t tell, and I think it is absolutely hilarious.

P1010088This time he actually got the shot he was going for.

P1010089Bahahahahahahaha. I love this one.

IMG_4265The best part of a trip to the Ledges is when the cars drive by really fast and spray water all over you. It is also the cause of many parental heart attacks, but it is so much fun for the kids. The Little One was tucked away safe and dry out of the way of the water, and the boys had a blast egging the cars on.

IMG_4251Possibly my favorite picture of the day. I just love this.

After awhile the boys’ lips started turning blue, so we decided to head on out. The boys changed into their regular clothes (shielded by a towel!), we loaded up the van, and then we provided a couple of awesome splashes to the kids who were waiting alongside the road on our way out of the canyon. Our next stop was a wheelchair-accessible hiking path, which was so much easier than trying to deal with Little One’s stroller in the canyon. And since we were mostly away from water, I let the boys have the camera back again.


P1010093That’s algae. Isn’t it revolting?

IMG_4279Two happy handsome fellas.

IMG_4285And one beautiful little lady!

P1010097This cloud looked like a dragon, according to Stinky’s imagination.

IMG_4288There were turtles on that log in the water, and the boys were trying to get a picture of them. No luck, though. 🙂 So they decided to take pictures of subjects a little closer to them.

P1010099Like the baby!!!!

P1010101And Mommy! (Yes, I was actually there. Actually, my sweetie took a couple pictures earlier that had me in them, but they were from the back while I was wearing the baby carrier and the way the straps sink into my back fat is kind of distressing. I didn’t think you needed that sort of image floating around in your poor little noggin.)

P1010103Look! A brother!

P1010104And a Daddy! Note to self: have adult subjects sit down when the boys are taking the pictures.

IMG_4292Stinky’s turn with the camera.


He took a few nature shots and then got back into people pictures with an awesome capture of me.

P1010107See what I mean?

Hope your Saturday was as full of exhausting, messy, splashy summer fun as ours was.

Now that I’ve subjected you to eight million pictures, mostly bad, I’m going to bed.


5 thoughts on “Points of View

  1. Thanks for the fun tour of The Ledges. Almost as much fun as being there. Some of my favorite “together time” memories are of exploring the outdoors, as child and as mother.

  2. What a fun time! You guys are such a fun family.
    The Ledges sounds, and looks like a cool place to go.
    Thanks for the fine day there.

  3. Tee hee – so fun! Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂 That Ledges looks really cool – Z loves creeks, so I think he would LOVE it! 🙂

  4. this was so fun to see! i love how they took those pics of you guys. LOL!!! i love that place, it looks so beautiful!

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