And to Think You Could be Shampooing Your Hair Instead of Reading This.

This has been a crazy week, and it’s only getting crazier. Tomorrow morning we will spend getting ready for our trip this weekend, and then tomorrow evening my sweetie and I have a Hot Date. Friday morning bright and early we are loading up the family van and heading to Omaha, where there shall be much hugging and kissing and spoiling and general frolic at our annual family reunion. I might even get my eyebrows waxed in celebration.

Every year we pack as much family bonding as we can into three or four short days, which means that this weekend will be full of photo opportunities, quotes to share, and memories galore. And you will all be lucky enough to get to read about them in this here blog thingie on these here internets. But not tonight. Because tonight I have to go to bed early due to the random bout of insomnia that kept me awake from 1:00-4:30 this morning. And not tomorrow either, because my to-do list is six miles long for tomorrow, and like I said, hot date with the hubby tomorrow night (woot woot!).

So don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me in a couple days, because I’m going to be living as much of this joyful weekend as I can. But I promise to come back with many wearisome stories.

In the meantime, I wanted to say thank you all for your encouraging words on Tuesday’s blog post. I am glad to know I’m not the only one feeling the summer pressure.

And finally, a funny story, courtesy of Bubs.

This year at our family reunion we are doing a talent show. Bubs has been very confused as to what exactly a talent show is; his ideas have mostly consisted of elaborate plans involving paper dragon suits, swinging from tree branches, and who knows what else. Last night we were sitting at the table discussing our options when Bubs came up with one of his usual big ideas. I looked at him and said there was no way we were going to do that. He asked why and I said because it was too weird.

“Well then that can be our family’s talent. Being weird!”

How can that child be so out there and yet so right on at the exact same time?

I’m pretty sure that whatever we do for the talent show, we will definitely be showing off our family talent of weirdness.

Because that’s how we roll.


7 thoughts on “And to Think You Could be Shampooing Your Hair Instead of Reading This.

  1. Yeah for Talent Shows! My family just had our 5th Annual Talent show and it is so much FUN!

    Unfortunately, I’ve used up all my talents now — I’m going to have to learn oragami or something for next year.


  2. Hooray for family reunions! And pre-family reunion Hot Dates! 🙂 My family is so spread out all over the country that it would take an act of God to get us all in the same place at the same time. Like maybe if He picked the continent up by the coasts, folded it in half, and gave it a really good shake.

    My family had way too many things that we considered talents (but likely no one else ever did). I distinctly remember my teacher class being rather unamused after a skit about a mad scientist we organized at a class camp-out…I guess everyone cannot appreciate a grown man in a diaper in front of a bunch of 6-year-olds like my family can…

    Have a great time! 🙂

  3. Sharone: Was that the Big-Little Machine? I was the guy in the diaper for that skit at Camp back in the ’70’s…

  4. Grandpa: It was something like that – baby goes in, big, diapered (well, towel-diaper-facsimile) man comes out. I’m pretty sure that was the finale, because before that we had a little German doll that turned into big German me, and some other things.

    And Erin, I came back here because I read somewhere else that you don’t have an ice cream man?? Oh, no. What in the world is going to make your children run madly into the street when they hear Pop Goes the Weasel??

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