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In a perfect world, my sister would live five minutes down the road from us. Our kids, so close in age, would grow up together– ride their bikes to the park, have sleepovers. Our daughters would have backyard tea parties and our familiews would barbecue on Friday nights. My sister and I would go to the salon, stay up late watching movies on occasion, walk the mall with our strollers.

But this is not a perfect world, so instead we spend four days trying to make up for the other three hundred sixty-one, when our relationship depends on emails and facebook wall posts. We pack in memories and encourage friendships between our children that we know will have to be forged again next year. Our hearts break a little as our boys call each other “my special buddy” and as nephews and nieces who are growing so incredibly fast fling their arms around our necks.

We want this weekend to last forever. We hold each other’s babies and try to memorize their softness cuddled to our bodies, knowing that next year they will be busy toddlers.

We swim and laugh and play and cuddle and say “I love you” and we strive to make these memories sweet. And then we load the van and kiss and cry and say goodbye and cry some more and hope that in the end the sweet outweighs the bitter.

And in the end, as we unwrap these memories again and again, we find that indeed they are sweet.



13 thoughts on “Sweet

  1. I can relate to those feelings, even though I don’t have kids! My siblings and siblings-in-law are in London, Edinburgh, Hawaii, and Papua New Guinea, and there’s no way there’s ever enough time with them. I’m glad you got some special time in this weekend. 🙂

  2. I totally get this. It’s the same way for us…we all bond in a few short days and then miss each other the rest of the year. And nothing warms this mama’s heart like sitting next to my sister and dear friend while watching my kids play with their cousins like long lost pals.
    Glad you enjoyed this time with your fam!

  3. oh, you are so lucky to even have a sister–this is what I have always longed for–even just four days out of the year! at least, my girls have each other–I tell them that everyday!

  4. Every time I visit my family or they come here, it’s the same. This is a hard world in which family has to be pulled to corners everywhere instead of together like it feels it should be. But what a blessing that you and your sister have this special time together. What a beautiful group of children!

  5. ah! this makes my chest tighten. my sister just left today with my boys’ cousins and it will probably be a year before we see them again. *sigh* sisters.

    (found you through Tuesdays Unwrapped) 🙂

  6. I love this!!! It is so true. In a perfect world I too would 5 min. from my twin and do everything you just mentioned. We are jam packing EVERYTHING into a short week, hoping it won’t be another 2 years before we see eachother again. Thank you for posting this sweet article. It makes us want to cherish every moment we do get to spend with family.

  7. So many people have it and probably take it for granted.
    The blessings will gift your children in huge ways because the joy was so abundant.
    I loved this picture. Loved the warm and fuzzy of the post.
    Feeling this too in these summer visits, thank you.

  8. same for us. you also describe our situation with such grace and fluency. I think this longing gives us a taste for an eternity where distance no longer separates.

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