That’s Why They Call It Heaven


My sister and her family are on the road today, driving the twenty-two hours from my parents’ house to Las Vegas. We said goodbye four days ago, but she never feels as far away when she’s at my parents’ house. There’s just the knowledge that if we both got in the car and drove an hour and a half, we could meet. Las Vegas is so very far away.

And I really can’t understand how, now that my sister and I finally get along and are friends, we are separated by so many miles. Perhaps, as someone commented the other day, God allows that separation so that we will appreciate an eternity of no goodbyes even more.

Can I just say (and the answer is yes, because this is, after all, my blog) how thankful I am for my sister?

Growing up we kind of fought a lot. As teenagers we were opposites, and I don’t mean that in the opposites-attract kind of way, but rather in the you’re-so-different-you-embarrass-me kind of way. And then came college, and marriage, and children. We’ve slowly grown closer through these years as our lives have gotten more similar– who was a cheerleader and who was a bona fide dork ten years ago doesn’t matter much when the baby is crying at two in the morning. What matters is that someone’s there.

We found out last August, two weeks apart, that we were pregnant. We shared morning sickness and cravings and weight gain and joyful baby movement and backaches via phone calls and emails, and though the distance between us physically was so far our hearts grew closer.

And that is why when we were all home last weekend it was like a little slice of heaven. My sister, former volleyball star and current mother of four, has become my best friend.

I don’t really know what heaven will be like, but I have a sneaking suspicion that my sister and I will be spending at least part of eternity roasting marshmallows and singing weird songs from the eighties.

And at the end of our visits to each other’s mansions, no one will have to drive twenty-two hours away, carrying the heart of her sister along with her.

That’s why they call it heaven.


11 thoughts on “That’s Why They Call It Heaven

  1. I can’t wait to get to this stage with my sister – we’re still in the ‘different’ stage, and we’re in different stages – she’s an unmarried college student & I’m a mom of nearly 2. πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve always wanted a sister and I would constantly beg my mom (Grandma Kilmer) to have a 4th child, but she said she was afraid it would be another boy! (If you’d known Uncle Rick as a child, you’d understand). I envy the relationships sisters have as adults!

  3. So very sweet. I feel that way about my sisters too. It’s hard that they live so far away.
    Speaking of heaven, Caed would like everyone to know that it also involves getting donuts every day for breakfast, and that moms can sleep in as long as they want and kids can stay up as late as they want. I’m liking the sounds of that.

  4. This was so beautiful. I always wished for a sister, and am so glad to have given my daughters each other. They get along so well and I pray that never changes
    This gives me a glimpse into their future I hope.
    Thank you,

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