My Smallest Blessing

My husband and I do pretty much everything around here as a team. We parent together. We share housework and cooking, much like a coach and a quarterback share a football game (I’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s bossing whom around).

Today, I bring you pictures of the Little One, provided for your enjoyment by the camera-snapping skills of my sweetie and the photo editing skills of yours truly. These were taken at the fair.







That last one is my favorite.

Sometimes I am just amazed at how much love my heart is capable of holding.

I am so blessed.


8 thoughts on “My Smallest Blessing

  1. For the record, a coach and a quarterback are not ON the same team. Technically, maybe. Practically, that’s another matter…

    It’s funny you should mention teams tonight though because Laura and I were just talking about being on the same team…

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