Bad Guys

non-seo-cassidy-in-black-hat-A recent discussion of manners and how bad guys don’t use manners led to the following discoveries.

What do Bad Guys do?
They do things like rob people and murder people because they like killing things.

How do you know someone is a Bad Guy?
Well, sometimes you can’t tell but usually they are wearing black suits. And they have guns.

So is everyone in a black suit a Bad Guy?
No! Only the ones in all black. And only if they have a gun. Or a sword.

Where do Bad Guys live?
Some around here. But if I (Bubs) were a bad guy I’d live in a big castle or mansion and I’d have lots of slaves that were good guys.

What do Bad Guys eat for breakfast?
Glass. Like the Grinch. (That was Stinky’s main contribution)

Who are the enemies of Bad Guys?
God. And us, maybe? And sometimes the police, because they take Bad Guys to jail.

What happens to the Bad Guys?
If a police catches them then the police takes them to jail so they can’t do anymore harm.

What’s it like in jail?
Kind of sad. And dirty. And you eat nothing in jail. Well, they might feed you. Because the reason you go to jail is because you do something very bad. Like if a police officer saw you killing an eagle, then he would take you to jail, because it’s very bad to kill an eagle. At least he would try to take you to jail, because Bad Guys are pretty rough.

The End.


6 thoughts on “Bad Guys

  1. Little boys are a breed all their own, aren’t they. My youngest is pregnant with #3, she has 2 girls. I hope it’s a girl cuz to be honest, none of us would know what to do with a little boy. There are 6 granddaughters here, and no boys.

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