You Simply Won’t Believe This.

Yesterday I took the Little One to her doctor’s appointment, and when I came back my sister, who won the last giveaway and wasn’t qualified to win this one, asked me how much she had weighed.

I had to google “what is 40% of 16” because the doctor’s office hadn’t given me her weight in pounds and ounces, but in pounds point four. And my math skills, they aren’t too hot. But I do know that .4 = 40% and that there are 16 ounces in a pound, so I was able to reach the amazing conclusion that the Little One now weighs 17 pounds and 6.4 ounces.

So I emailed my sister with that news and she asked who had won and I said I didn’t know yet.

And then she emailed me back and said it was my mom.

I swear this contest is not rigged. I don’t even know what my mom thinks she’s going to do with a Starbucks gift card, since she can’t have caffeine or anything with a lot of calories or anything that tastes good ever.

So I decided that next time I’m out visiting my mom I’ll take her out for a cup of diet caffeine free coke with a shot or two of vanilla in it, and give the gift card to the next closest winner, just so that you all don’t start to get suspicious about the integrity of these here giveaways at Together for Good.

Which makes the winner–

KAZZY, who guessed that the Little One is seventeen feet, four inches, but I’m just going to assume she meant pounds and ounces. 🙂 Kazzy, if you email me at princessofsomething at gmail dot com I will get your information to send you a little bit of coffee love.

The Little One is fat and sassy and healthy as can be, a fact which we celebrated today by giving her her very first ever rice cereal.


I am uploading a video but WordPress and I do not see eye-to-eye on the whole video embedding process, plus it’s not ready yet anyway, so if you want to see it keep an eye on facebook if we’re friends or you can check it out on Twitter. And as long as you’ll be over there anyway, you should follow me so we can be Twits together.

And finally, this week The Meanest Mom had her first annual Ms. Autoimmune Disorder e-Pageant, and I was in the top five. You can read my entry here, and you can vote here. Don’t feel like you have to vote for me, but if you don’t I might cry.

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend, everyone.


6 thoughts on “You Simply Won’t Believe This.

  1. Oh, my word, that post of yours was funny – I’m glad you can laugh at something that causes you so much pain & annoyance! I voted for you. 🙂

    Also, that’s funny that your mom won. And, wow 17 pounds??? Z weighed 20 pounds when he turned one, I think- but he’s always been a little small on the growth charts. 🙂

  2. Guess I was a bit off on my guess!! Little One is growing so fast – hard to believe she is already eating ceral!! Wow!!!!

  3. Personally, I think this is reverse upside down nepotism. And I thought this was Gracie’s contest? Who is Mommy to be making these kind of decisions that over-rule the contest sponsor? And who determines the prizes for this contest anyway? I can’t imagine Gracie’s into Starbucks. Something’s fishy here, I believe. 😉

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