A Walk with Stinky

Mommy, when we get home I am going to build a big pirate ship out of Legos. And did you know that I am going to make gallons of treasure for my pirates? And there will be a kitchen. Can I sit here Mommy? Why are you taking my picture? Can we go now Mommy?


Ooh, Mommy, don’t step in the goose poop Mommy! It’s so gross. Why do the gooses poop here on the sidewalk? Can we go on the bridge? I want to run across the bridge. I run super fast. You can run too but I will run faster than you. See how fast I can run?


Are you coming Mommy? Let’s go this way. Look, they’re mowing the grass in the football field. See, those big posts are where they make a home run. I mean a field goal, that’s right Mommy. I forgot. What is that big machine doing? There is mud all over where he is working! I think he is smoothing out the mud. I wonder why. Oh, you’re right Mommy, I bet they will plant more grass. We will have to come back and see the grass that they plant, won’t we Mommy? Look over there. That’s where the big kids go on their skateboards. I think they are in school now. Some of them don’t wear knee pads and I think they might get hurt. Mommy, why isn’t the splash park running? It’s too cold, isn’t it Mommy? I wish it was running. I think it looks like very much fun. There’s a big bucket there that fills up with water and dumps on your head and gets you very very wet.


I can’t wait for next summer so we can go to the splash park again. Why do we have to hurry Mommy? Are we almost to the van? We ARE! I can see the van! Thanks for bringing me for a walk today Mommy. I love you Mommy. Do we get to go make a pirate ship now?


12 thoughts on “A Walk with Stinky

  1. Oh this is so GREAT. I spent the morning wit our little guy in our yard, and I swear he was saying so many of the same things, just not with words yet.

    How is it possible to love this much?

  2. Oh, my goodness, what a cute post. When Z can say sentences, he will talk nonstop JUST like this, I’m sure – he already talks nonstop, just one or two or three words at a time…over and over…. 🙂

  3. just hearing how many times he said “mommy” made me smile. i love being called mommy, it melts me. sometime the word just melts me, and it hits me i am “mommy.” 🙂
    hmmm, sweet post.

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