Mixing Work and Play

My children are getting tired of me constantly flashing the camera in their faces, so today I took my camera to work to find new victims subjects.

I pretty much just let them run around and I took pictures, although obviously they did pose for some of them. A few of them left before I could ask their parents’ permission to put their pictures online, so I have blurred out their faces, sorry about that. 🙂

Anyway, it was a lot of fun– mixing work and play as it were– and I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. This is such a nice group of munchkins, or cupcakes as I always call them. 🙂


Hanging out on the slide


I really like this picture. My pal T looks pretty cute, huh? 😉


They all have such shyness issues, can you tell?


I just love this. A is such a photogenic little girl.


M was one of my most willing subjects. She is the sweetest little girl. Her little sister is a fuzzy-headed darling, too.


E is one of the kids that I’ve known since infancy. He is kind of the quiet type so I was surprised how gladly he posed for me. Check out those freckles.


C is T’s little sister and she is a spunky little thing if ever there was one. I love her flying pigtail here!


She just makes me smile! 🙂

And now for some in black and white . . .


Isn’t that just stinking cool? I love this picture. The kids have this game they play called “slide tag,” the rules of which are a bit mysterious to me, but one of the crucial elements of this game is swinging over the edge of the slide and sliding down the pole. I just got lucky and caught her in mid-swing. 🙂


I’m pretty sure that I was laying on my back on the slide and took this picture upside-down. LOL. It’s all for the children, people.


Isn’t she beautiful? I love her eyes. P wasn’t feeling very well so she looks pretty serious in most of the shots of her.


Now, isn’t that just fun?


bahahahahahahahaha. That is all.


Another shot that just makes me happy when I look at it.


I had one of all the kids hanging on the monkey bars but most of them couldn’t keep a pleasant face long enough to get a good picture. P managed, though.


In case you were wondering, she is just as ornery as she looks. 😉


Isn’t this awesome? I was literally laying down in the woodchips to get this picture. The kids thought it was pretty funny.

And there you have it. Hope you enjoyed these pictures of my cupcakes as much as I did.

They always seem cuter on Fridays than on Mondays. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mixing Work and Play

  1. Dang, I can’t see the pictures (1 of these days I am going to get rid of this danged dial-up). How much fun you must have had. I so enjoy being with my students–most days–and have often thought about taking pictures and scrapping them…I will scrap some but, I probably will never put them out in public. Glad you got the chance to do that. I love reading your blog. I actually LOL when I read the ‘crossed’ out victims. =D

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