Out with Bubs

I figured I had tortured Stinky enough in the last week, so in honor of the weekend I took Bubs out to torment him with the camera. He was a good sport about it. We found a place I had never found before here in town called a “greenway” or something, basically just a bunch of nature. We had fun hanging out and taking pictures. He told me all about his new big epic plan, which is to make all the planets and then connect them to be a train. Sigh.

Anyway, here are some pictures, and I promise you that maybe someday soon I’ll have some actual content. 🙂

Although I think that cute pictures of my progeny offset the lack of content, don’t you?


He picked that and carried it around with him the entire time. It made its way into a lot of pictures. 🙂


I don’t know why but he was very proud of that thing. 🙂


I love this one. 🙂


I decided maybe I should get in the picture too for once.


Or twice.


I told him to jump as high as he could. This picture cracks me up.


And this is my absolute favorite from the day. I got a real genuine non-cheesy grin out of him and it makes me happy.

Have a wonderful day everyone!


4 thoughts on “Out with Bubs

  1. I realize I am a little late in offering my congratulations on your recent (and well deserved honor).

    And your recent photographic exploits have been top notch – all the kids look charming, which is obviously magic.

    Finally, I would like to forward your letter to Iowa over to Upstate NY… We have a maple tree that is ORANGE and RED and YELLOW. And I don’t like it one bit.

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