Why Yes, As a Matter of Fact, I Have Always Been a Dork

Some of you actually read my post yesterday (my condolences), and many of you commented on my one-time desire to be a miner.

My dad left a comment explaining this odd hope and dream of mine, but since I know most people probably don’t read the comments that follow theirs, I will now share with you the story of me as a miner. It’s one of my  mom’s favorites, probably because it proves what a weirdo I was as a kid. I never got why she liked to tell embarrassing stories about me, until I had my own kids and discovered that embarrassing stories are really hilarious and adorable and endearing.

So I am embarrassing myself publicly now because I know that you will all find it cute. Please find it cute.

I was an odd-looking little person, with a mullet and Sally Jessie Raphael glasses and a very painful fashion sense, and I collected rocks. I loved rocks. I picked them up everywhere I went, although my parents made me put them back if they noticed I was taking them from, say, the landscaping of Long John Silver’s.

Which was very unfair, because in addition to hush puppies and chicken planks, Long John Silver’s also had some very pretty white sparkly rocks outside of it.

Anyway, one day as I was perusing my Rocks and Minerals Field Guide, which one of my parents indulgently bought for me from the museum gift shop (we had to read books back then because the internets had not yet pervaded our everyday lives), I began daydreaming about my future, and the huge part that my love of rocks would undoubtedly play in my life. And apparently I skipped right over the obvious careers of geologist and archeologist, and decided that nothing would make me happier than to spend my life in a cave with a light strapped to my forehead, hacking rocks out of the ground with a pick.

So I told my mom I wanted to be a miner.


She suggested that I might rather be a jeweler, if I were going to insist on spending my day among rocks. But I held on to my dream of being a miner, at least until I decided that I would really rather be a teacher, which was way cooler because all my friends wanted to be teachers.

In the end, I went to school to become a teacher, and then decided to have babies and work whatever part-time job I could  find instead.

So you can see I was right. I do spend a great deal of my time among rocks– which I find in the pockets of my boy, along with acorns and sticks and chalk and the occasional living thing.

And my life has much more in common with that of a miner– just trying to pick my way through the messes with nothing but a light strapped to my forehead– than with that of a jeweler. Because let’s face it, my little diamonds, valuable as they may be, are definitely still in the rough.

And I’m so glad I’m not the only one responsible for polishing them.

I’m still being polished myself.


10 thoughts on “Why Yes, As a Matter of Fact, I Have Always Been a Dork

  1. I had a dream of working for the UN as a German Translator. I had my whole college career mapped out, I told my friends, I researched the application process… Then I flunked out of college German.


  2. I collected rocks as a child too! (and had the Sally glasses…didn’t we all?) One of my teachers in elementary school worked part time at the rock/geode slicing shop at Knott’s Berry Farm (not sure if you know what that is, I don’t know how tight the communication was in pre-teen miner circles pre-internets), and she used to bring me rocks from the shop. Thinly sliced amethysts stuck into little pieces of styrofoam were part of my first bedroom decorating scheme. Along with plaster replicas of saber-toothed tiger fangs and other fossils. My, wasn’t I a charming child?

    Anyway, that’s enough about me; let’s talk about you. What do you think about me?

  3. i wanted to have four kids and be married to a farmer (before i wanted to be a vet and then ended up in the legal field, then ended up having four kids and NOT being married to a farmer LOL)

    but, yes, a farmer’s wife i wanted to be.

    all because i love the smell of cow poop.

  4. This is so cute!! We loved it. Nice to know you still are “mining” through the boys!! Can’t wait till Gracie starts – It will be a trip!!!!

  5. aren’t we all being polished. some of us polished into dorks.

    a miner, huh. i wanted to be an actress/singer (that is what the girl’s who said they wanted to be teachers really wanted to be, but wouldn’t admit it).
    i do a lot of both now, mostly around the house.

  6. After hearing your own description you gave to yourself as a child I am glad you didn’t decide to be a hairdresser! But everyone used to wear a mullet, so no biggie I guess.

    I love that you had chosen such a cool, male-predominant field. I, yawn, always wanted to be a teacher. 🙂

  7. Katie picks up rocks everywhere too including the Long John Silver’s parking lot that has pretty sparkly white rocks. Are you sure your genes weren’t passed along to my daughter? Maybe she just wants to be like her super cool miner-wanna-be aunt! 🙂

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