Just Having Fun

Today the Planner decided to build a rocket ship out of laundry baskets and rubbermaid totes, one with two stories and enough space that they could put a moon buggy in it.

Oddly enough, as much as I hate laundry, I am kind of attached to my laundry baskets and also to my rubbermaid totes that hold huge piles of off-season clothes for the use of my children. So instead of encouraging our children to dump laundry all over their bedroom and break every plastic clothes-holding container in my house, my wise husband sent them outside with a card table and some bedsheets and told them they could build their rocket out there.


Here is Stinky doing something with some of the string my dad gave them. His end of the rocket was made of an old fishtank stand that’s been out in our yard for forever, and their little table that they are supposed to use for crafts but which they usually use to climb up on and jump off in their epic superhero adventures.


And this is Bubba’s end, which has the card tabe. The shelf with wheels and track arches is Bubba’s moon buggy. Stinky, as you can see, has to make due with a wheel-free moon buggy. Such is the life of a younger brother.


Here is Bubs clipping the blanket and sheet together. He looks so busy. It is who he is.


Here they are, all ready to blast off!

Meanwhile . . . inside the Together house . . . the Little One was very busy attempting to eat her toes.


And also drooling. Because that’s how she rolls.


Rockets made of blankets and Piggies covered in drool. Just another day in paradise around here!


4 thoughts on “Just Having Fun

  1. Superlative toe photos, really pro! Thanks for the flashbacks on the building projects with blankets, some of my fondest childhood memories whether under dining table or in my back yard in the ’50’s. Son did the same thing. Life is wonderful! Simple is good.

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