Sometimes it just feels like life starts piling things on you all at once. You go from lazy summer to days where nearly every minute is scheduled with something that is just so important. And somehow in the midst of it all you still need to find time to do the laundry and the dishes and spend time with your kids and date your husband and paint your toenails and bake cookies and make dinner from scratch and write in your blog and keep up in your children’s scrapbooks and tweet and update your facebook status and call your friend who really needs someone to talk to and write letters to your grandmother. Oh, and sleep. And it seems like in the middle of the swirling chaos, other things start throwing themselves on the dogpile that has become your life. Small things. Little hurts. Things people say. Or don’t say. Looks people give you. Eyes rolled. Assumptions made. Things that in a quiet week wouldn’t bug you, but in the midst of the insanity keep you awake at night when you need sleep so badly. And sometimes, you just want to go away, and you want everyone else to go away, and you want to curl up and be left alone and blank your mind and find a bit of peace. And you search in a frenzy for just a moment of rest, and you make yourself late for the next thing on your calendar, and you snap at your children because they are running late because you are running late because you sought peace in a place at a time that wasn’t right. Because peace, it is available to you all the time. Because a place of quiet rest is where you are, or at least where you can be, if you choose it. And finally you turn to the One who gives peace, who is our peace, and you fall in His arms, and you pray for rest for your heart and soul and mind and your body. And in the middle of it all, in the very eye of the hurricane, there you find it, for there you find Him. Perfect peace and rest.


11 thoughts on “Rest

  1. oh this is beautiful. me too many days. i could read it again and again. my favorite part… “and you fall into His arms.” sometimes that fall is a drop. and he always catches me.

    thank you.

  2. This post hit me hard.
    I’ve been edgy these past few days when I found out a neighbour/friendish fellow crazed mamma was moving. Because I saw the Sold sign on her front lawn when I was walking the dog.
    I’m trying not to be hurt, or bitter, or plot my attack, but ??
    A few of us women ( I’m not the only slighted one here) are so trying to be in the WWJD mode , but those arms sound like a better plan.

  3. I found your blog from someone else’s blog and then I related so much to your blog I posted it on my blog…the one about rest.
    THEN, I read your description of your husband and children and, as you could see if you went to look at my blog, we have the same number of children and they are pretty much the same ages. AND I am from Iowa…but am a Georgia girl. AND my description of my children doesn’t mirror yours but you, oh-honest-one, perfectly described my children in your children’s description.
    There you have it. I don’t know you but I know you. 🙂

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