This place is dark and smoky and loud and lonely. I never thought I’d find myself here again, but I am weak and this is where I come when I am overwhelmed.

I am a fool.

The door slams, and is locked, that my situation might not be changed.

I am here in the smoke, alone with the lions who would devour me.

But I am not really alone.

Although I may have forgotten, and neglected, and rejected, and ignored Him, He is here.

And He is the Changer of unchangeable situations.

He reminds me that I do not have to flee back to this place again. He reminds me that He is my Rock and Refuge and Help in times of trouble.

He reminds me of His own pain, and He oh-so-gently reminds me that He has borne my griefs and my sorrows.

Even my sin has been placed on Him.

In this place of darkness and mind-clouding smoke and numbing noise and guilt, He is light and fresh air and peace and forgiveness.

The lions are silenced as the doors are unlocked once again and He leads me out.

He has met me in my unchangeable situation, and He has changed it.

Now change me.

Daniel 6, Isaiah 53

7 thoughts on “Deliverer

  1. I’m going to head over and read those chapters. I’ve been doing a study on PRIDE with Nature Boy, and man, have I realized how much sin I have. It’s horrible. But God is so gracious and faithful – I don’t deserve it, yet He saved me…


    (PS – the new header looks good!)

  2. This is a really nice post. It reminds me that I have wanted to do more spiritual writing as a real way to cement in some of my feelings about the atonement.

    “… fresh air…” Love it!

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