At Least It Doesn’t Play Anything by Mariah Carey

Bubs is one of the good kids in his class. He is one of the children that most teachers wish they had a classroom full of– smart, attentive, polite, and a hard worker. I’m not bragging. He inherited very few of those qualities from me.

Mostly he’s a people pleaser, which serves him well at school until I do something that he thinks will get him in trouble, like sending in a note that says tomorrow he will be late for school due to a dentist appointment.

Bubs fears getting into trouble.

I say that most teachers would love a classroom full of Bubbas, but I think his teacher is the exception to that rule, since she can’t keep him and the one other blond boy in his class straight. School has been in session for nearly eight weeks now, and she still sometimes brings the wrong child to my husband at the end of the day. And Monday he came home with the other boy’s papers in his bag.

But that is neither here nor there, because where it matters she knows who is who (at least I think she does), so he receives the grades and positive reinforcements that he deserves for his hard work at school. Either that or the other blond little boy in his class is extremely well-behaved and a genius.

Last week, Bubba came home with the exciting news that he had gotten to choose something from the treasure chest at school. As his parents, we were thrilled to think that we were going to be finding room in our home for another whistle or Happy Meal toy.

But apparently, in the first grade, the treasure chest contains much more refined items than the treasure chest in kindergarten.



It plays Fur Elise.

Because, really, what nearly seven-year-old boy doesn’t want a plastic jewelry box with “I Love You” on the front that plays classical music?

I can’t think of even one.


19 thoughts on “At Least It Doesn’t Play Anything by Mariah Carey

  1. He probably picked it out for you. That’s what Rach would do, who sounds very much like your Bubs… only female.

  2. is he your second child? my second child is a pleaser/diligent worker. i’d love a classroom full of her.
    my first is the manager. he likes to tell people what to do. he likes rules. i’m a first too, so i get him.
    my third is just plain ol’ sunshine, full of grace, and a whatever attitude!
    i wish i was a third child.

  3. I was a third child, raised all three of my children to be a “third child” attitiude. It didn’t work. But I think Bub got the box for you. How sweet

  4. an amazing prize from the treasure box! (probably a gift some past student gave her?!) a people pleaser, huh? oh, that is me. and my camden, too. while he does not fear getting into trouble, it will bring him to tears… even at almost 13.

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