I want to say thank you for everyone who commented on my last post. Your friendship and prayers mean so very much to me.

And I also wanted to share the rest of the story with our van. The wonderful guy from church who looked at it yesterday spent some quality time under its hood today and at the junkyard finding us a new AC compressor. He put the new one in, installed a new belt, and had her up and running in time for Art to pick up Bubs from school this afternoon. He would take no money for his time, labor, or to reimburse him for whatever he paid at the junkyard for the new compressor. All we paid for was the new belt.

We got $800 worth of work on our van for $20.

Isn’t God good?

I’ve been hoarding some pictures taken over the last few days, just things that have made me smile, little pixelated blessings. And I want to share them with you, because, well, they are cute. At least I think they’re cute. And it’s my blog so I get to post lots of pictures of my darling children if I want to.

(Sorry for those of you on facebook; you’ve probably seen most of these before.)

A couple from Stinky’s fifth birthday celebration–

IMG_7280 copy

IMG_7281 copy

And a sweet brother-sister moment. Little One has started scooting a lot, and if the boys lie down on the floor with a book she will scoot right over to them and look at it with them. It’s so cute! Bubs was a sweet brother and read her the story, even though she kept trying to grab the book from him. 🙂

IMG_7335 copy

Art took Bubs for a walk on Sunday, and Bubs got to take pictures with our old camera. This one makes me smile because I am always taking pictures of myself like this.

ryan copy

And my beautiful little girl. I was just taking pictures for fun on Sunday, and then playing around in Elements. My awesome sister helped me pick the final product because I had several I really liked. I used this texture from Essence of a Dream on Flickr.

little one blog

I mean seriously, who could look at that and not smile?

May your days be filled with smiles as well, my friends. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Smiles

  1. those pixelated blessing will put a smile on a lot of faces today – sure did mine!

    Praise God for the young man with the gift of auto repair!! That’s awesome!

  2. The van miracle is pretty dang cool.

    And as I was posting pics of my oldest last night I got so teary. I am so quick to be nostalgic lately. Love your photos!

  3. i don’t ever need to know how… i just always want to feel wonder in the glory of how just when you think all your blessings have been counted, He provides a few more.

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