Pics from the Patch

I am coming down with some kind of crud that makes my head hurt and my brain has therefore taken a vacation so as not to have to be in that painful space. So forgive me if this posts doesn’t make much sense.

In fact, I think I’ll just skip most of the words and post the pictures from our trip to the pumpkin patch Saturday. You’ve already seen a few. We met my parents at a little patch halfway between here and where they live. The kids didn’t know where we were going and when we pulled up next to Mom and Dad’s car Stinky started yelling “Grandma and Grandpa are here!!!”

Like we hadn’t planned the whole thing and this would be a surprise.

He’s so cute.

Anyway, I already posted some of my favorites, so here’s a few more.

My mom and the Little One, chilling in the wheel of a combine.


Dad and the boys checking out some farm equipment.


Sorry this picture looks so weird. I was playing with it in elements and was too lazy to find the original to post. My head hurts and my brain’s on vacation, remember?


Stinky, posing in a most adorable manner with this lovely specimen of a pumpkin. The kid’s a weirdo.


My three shorties. Little One looks like she’s about to fall, but at least she looks happy about it.


Can you guess which mini pumpkin is way more expensive than fifty cents?


The family. Not a bad picture, huh? Little One wasn’t convinced, but at least she isn’t crying.


And these are a couple of my faves. I was playing around to give them an old-timey feel and I really like how they turned out.


Speaking of old-timey, think it’s about time for someone to get her hair colored? EESH.


That is all. Have a great day, and if you think of it, we would definitely appreciate prayers that we can keep the family reasonably healthy.


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