Sleepy Superheroes

We had a bit of a crisis this week when I realized that I had no costumes for the boys as well as no money to purchase costumes for the boys.

Thankfully, as I was digging through my closet looking for something, I discovered these huge pieces of fleece that I bought two years ago to make blankets with (yeah, clearly that worked out well). I had the idea to make a pillow costume, just tying it off like you do to make a blanket, with the kid inside, and then stuffing it. Stinky decided that nothing would make him happier than to be a big fleecy pillow, so I made the costume for him, and then I had the brainstorm that I could turn Bubs into a superhero and Stinky the Pillowboy could be his sidekick.

So I present to you– CAPTAIN SLEEPY AND PILLOWBOY!!!!!

*warning to the craftily inclined: I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. Please prepare yourself for a desecration of fabric such as you have never seen before*
They were just an eensy bit wound up. It’s amazing that any part of any of these pictures is in focus.

IMG_8058 copy

Behold the striking of the dramatic superhero poses. Bahahaha.


I think they were supposed to be giving each other a hug here. Not exactly sure what Captain Sleepy is doing.


Here you can see Captain Sleepy’s costume more clearly. The mask kept falling down so after this I made him a mask that was more like Stinky’s hat, just coming down over his eyes.


And here is Pillowboy. As you can sort of tell, the “stuffing”– which was a bunch of dirty laundry (don’t tell)– had all fallen down by his knees. Before we went trick or treating I ended up taking all the stuffing out, because Pillowboy looked weird enough without a red sleeve sticking out from the bottom of his costume.

In spite of the fact that no one had any idea what they were and that it was cold and drizzly and generally unpleasant, the boys had a fabulous time being Sleepy Superheroes. And I had a fabulous time knowing I had spent exactly zero dollars to give them a little bit of fleecy joy.


9 thoughts on “Sleepy Superheroes

  1. You are Super Mom! Great job Erin! I think you have two happy little guys there!! How totally fun.

    Our little dude was a spider… I bought the outfit at a consignment shop for a few bucks… and it was a bit hit. Yeah for used clothing!

  2. Way cute….creative costumes are the best!!!

    I only spent 99 cents on eyeliner for my son’s moustache!!! He was Mario and he wore a red shirt and a hat that someone else had made with an M on it!!! Everyone commented on it!

  3. there is nothing like the creative mind of an out of cash mama! brilliant costumes 🙂 really!! and look at those smiles. they might want to repeat those next year!

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