A Challenge to Give

One of the blogs I follow is Keeping the Kingdom First, and in the month of November she is hosting a challenge to give something every day for a month.

When she first posted this challenge, I kind of thought “that would be cool.” Then our finances kind of blew up in our faces and left little bits of my self-esteem stuck in my hair. I think in seasons like this it is really easy to justify a lack of generosity, but as we seek to follow God’s will for our finances and our family life, I truly believe that we need to be giving what little we can to others.

So the Together family is taking on the 30-Day Giving Challenge. To be honest with you, I don’t know how much I will be posting about it in this blog. We are trying to teach our children that we give to encourage others and please the Lord, not for the applause or recognition of other people. I am certainly not posting this so everyone will say, “My, but aren’t those Togethers just wonderful?” I am posting for a bit of accountability, and also because I believe that this experiment– to give with your whole heart and see how God blesses– is worth sharing.

Our giving will be small, and it will not be financial in nature unless huge and incredible amazing miracles happen. We will give of our time and resources, and we will be creative as we think of new ways to give.

I told the kids about this tonight, and they had some ideas.

Stinky said we could make brownies to share. Bubs said we could give some toys away. Little One said “BABAMABAMABBtthhptttttpppp.”

Little One just learned to babble and it is shockingly cute.

Will you consider joining the 30-Day Giving Challenge?

Do you have ideas of creative ways we could give during the month of November?

Have you had the experience of stepping out in faith to give and receiving a blessing?

If so, do tell. I do love comments. ๐Ÿ™‚



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