Baby Bug

So you may have noticed a lack of pictures of Little One the other night. Our community had beggar’s night on Friday, and it was cold, windy, and drizzly. So I took Captain Sleepy and Pillowboy up and down the block while Art stayed home with the baby. But my mom and I found this adorable ladybug costume for Little One back before she was even bornded, and I really wanted to get some pictures of her in it.

I had planned yesterday to go out for some Halloween Bug Cutie Patootie Photo Takage, but instead we got to go to WalMart and have a new tire put on the car. Which was practically just as much fun.

I have been noticing all the gorgeous leaves up and down our street, so my intention today was to walk a block or so, find one of those yards, plop the Little One down (in the part between the sidewalk and the road so it wouldn’t be so weird), take a few shots, and then call it good.

Unfortunately, this weekend was leaf collection in our community. So all those lawns that just days ago were covered in a gorgeous red and gold carpet of leafy happiness are now just green.


So this afternoon, Bubba, Little One, and I set off on a tour of our town to find some leaves and take some pictures. Little One was adorable in her ladybug costume, and we started our stroll with smiles and coos.

Once we found a yard with sufficient-if-not-spectacular leaf cover, Little One changed her tune. She did not want to sit in the leaves. She did not want to lie in the leaves. She did not want to scoot around in the leaves. She wanted absolutely nothing to do with the leaves, thankyouverymuch.

Which is why most of the pictures I took look sort of like this.


Between Bubba and me, we were able to get her to smile about twice. Thankfully the camera cooperated one of those times.


One of my favorite parts of this little costume is the feet. They say “flutter”! (I will not say “squee!” but I really, really want to.) So while Little One was thrashing about in the leaves as though I had thrown her in a pile of rabid chipmunks, I snapped a shot of one of her cute little tootsies.


Let’s just pretend it’s blurry because of her thrashing, and not because of any lack of photgraphic ability on my part, mmmmmkay?

When I took this next picture, I was lying on my back with her on my lower legs and Bubs holding onto her for dear life. Fifteen minutes later as we were walking home I thought to ask him if there were any leaves on my shirt, which of course there were.

IMG_8116 copy

She wasn’t happy here, but at least she wasn’t screaming, right?

I really like this one, in spite of its many photographic imperfections.


Plus, you can see her one weird strand of newborn hair that never fell out when the rest did. Her head is all covered in fuzzy 1/2-inch-long hair, except for that one long strand. She’s such a nerd.

I finally got her interested in a leaf.


Seriously, don’t you just want to eat those cheeks? Love this baby!

And finally, I swear in this shot I only edited her eyes a teensy weensy bit. They’re just that beautiful.



Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself.


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