The Beauty of a Giving Heart– Giving Challenge, Day 2


My sister posted this story yesterday on her Facebook, and it is such a beautiful story that I asked if I could post it here and she said yes. I think it fits in beautifully with the giving challenge. Her daughter has already learned this lesson, at the age of three.

One of my favorite things about fall is pumpkins. Although we don’t carve them, every year we buy the kids each a pumpkin. This year, we are a bit under the weather financially, so each kid just got a small pie pumpkin. I was worried that they would complain, but they were so excited and proud of their little pumpkins. As soon as we got them home from Walmart, they proudly set them outside near the door. I promised that we would cut them and roast the seeds and make a pie from them, and they have been looking forward to that with great anticipation.

This morning, when we got home from church, I noticed that one of the pumpkins was missing. It was Kay’s pumpkin, and it was nowhere to be found. Kay, of course, wasn’t terribly concerned that her pumpkin was gone. But Megan was crushed. She started to cry, and was just so upset that someone would have stolen one of our little pumpkins.

The kids were very confused. They wanted to know why someone would have stolen one of our pumpkins. They wanted to know what the person was going to do with Kay’s pumpkin. They were angry and upset. And so was I. It was just a little pumpkin. Why would anyone steal it from my children? My mama bear came out something fierce, and while I hid it well (for the children’s sake), I was very upset.

And then something beautiful happened. Megan, who was the most upset of everyone, had an idea. She said, “I know! I can give Kaybelle my little colored on pumpkin!”, and she ran to her room to retrieve it.

A few weeks ago at church, Megan’s Sunday School teachers gave her a very small pumpkin, and she colored all over it with markers. It has been one of her most prized possessions since she brought it home. She has been carrying it around and playing with it every day. And this afternoon, because she didn’t want her sister to be disappointed, she chose to make a sacrifice and give her little colored on pumpkin to Kay.

The whole thing brought me to tears. I certainly would have never asked Megan to do such a thing, and Kaybelle couldn’t have cared less. But in that brief moment when Megan presented Kay with the treasured, little colored on pumpkin, she demonstrated true sacrifice and love.

Blew me away.

I don’t think there’s much to add to that. 🙂

Day 2 Giving

Time: Stinky and I baked cookies for our neighbor lady and shared them with a couple others as well.


The neighbor we gave the cookies to gave Sam a piece of candy, which wasn’t a big deal, but I have been praying that God will teach my kids that when we have giving hearts, He blesses us. So this was a blessing to me, because in a very tangible way it showed that concept to Sam.


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