Of Blessings Received

Today, what was received far outweighs what has been given.

Today, two sweet little ones at work toddled right up to me in the middle of my bad afternoon and gave me hugs.

Today, a precious friend took me out and bought me more than $80 worth of groceries.

Today, my wonderful husband and two sweet boys pulled up the disgusting dining room carpet for me.

Today, I began to see my younger son especially experience the true joy of giving.

Today, a need that has been heavy on my heart was partially met.

Today, my cup runneth over.


Day 3 Giving:

Time: my family took time out of their afternoon to rip out that carpet. And from the sound of things, the boys got along extremely well and were just a huge blessing to my husband.

Talents: I think we need to work on this one a bit more, huh?

Treasure: I was able to share a few more of the cookies we baked yesterday.

Day 3 Blessings Received:

See above!!!

I posted as my Facebook status today, “What prayer has God answered for you today?” and the answers were such a blessing to me. God is good.


4 thoughts on “Of Blessings Received

  1. God is good…all the time! 🙂 You and your words are a blessing to me, Erin! Thanks for taking the time to write them down!

  2. It always shocks me how good it feels to do a few home improvements. Yay for the carpet coming up!

    I am counting my blessings too! I love Thanksgiving.

  3. when I started this, I never thought about how much I would be receiving too… I’m amazed at how God is pouring himself back on me (and not just in practical ways).

    how sweet He is.

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