A Week of Gifts

Today was day eight of the 30-day Giving Challenge. I have managed to give at least one gift every day, including the one day when I realized at 10:00 pm that I hadn’t given anything so I left some cookies on the neighbor’s doorstep. πŸ™‚

I have realized this week just how blessed I am. At the beginning of the challenge, I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough to give, but in just eight days God has shown me that what I have is all He wants. He isn’t expecting me to somehow miraculously come up with million dollar donations to charity. He just wants me to be willing to share what He has blessed me with– be it time, talents, or treasures.

I have given away cookies and clothing and bread. I have walked with my boy and baked for my family. I have spent time with friends capturing little bits of their lives on camera. I have been constantly reminded that Christ saw the widow’s mite as the greater gift. What little I can give– this is all He asks me for.


Blessings? I would say a friend buying me a week’s worth of groceries was a blessing. And a need I’ve been praying for was met in part, beyond what we had hoped for. But honestly, I think the greatest blessings have been the immaterial, the intangible. God has proven to me that He is already blessing me, beyond what I realized.

Sometimes I get all wrapped up in me and forget that He is there.

Sometimes I am so introspective that I ignore the presence of God in all that is around me.

He writes His love for me in the beauty of a fall day, in the smiles on my children’s faces, in the perfect song on the radio, in the faces of the people I see through the lens of my camera.

His love is no subtle and quiet thing that must be sought for with care. It is splashed across my life, coloring every aspect of who I am and what happens to me like watercolors in the hands of my son. When I don’t see it, it’s never because it’s not there.

It’s because I’m not looking.

The reminder of His unfailing love has been the greatest blessing I have received so far this week.

And to think there’s still three more to come.

This is going to be good, people.


5 thoughts on “A Week of Gifts

  1. Erin, I’m thankful for your blog. It reminds me to be thankful for God’s gifts. While I call myself a Christian, I go through times in my life where my faith waxes and wanes. People like you (and Danielle) that I am fortunate to have met on this big ‘ole internet, through unfortunate circumstances, keep reminding me to keep the faith. Just this w/e I reminded of his blessings through simple things, like the torrential downpour stopping just in time for me to come out of Costco with my cart of groceries.

  2. i love your words. they resonate with me. with how i am feeling. overwhelmed…and there is still more!

    i recall a season in our life where we were challenged by God “to give as you are able” and to be a “cheerful giver.” we were over our heads in debt, living first hand what it means that “you can’t worship both God and money.” i didn’t know then that in the not having money i was worshiping it. i was so CONSUMED by the not having money, by the debt. so consumed i could not be consumed with my Jesus.
    then we began giving, photography, meals, time, ourselves…
    and beginning again to worship our life sustainer, provider, maker-God.


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