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Today I had the awesome privilege of photographing one of my very few real life blogging buddies, Sarah. She is a photographer, so it was a little intimidating at first, but honestly, she is such a sweet person that she could make anyone feel good about themselves! 🙂 I felt a little sorry for her husband, though– poor guy got bossed by two women the whole shoot! LOL.

Seriously, though, one of the problems of being a photographer is that you’re always behind the lens, and you don’t end up with a lot of shots of yourself with your family. So I was so grateful to be able to bless Sarah and her family with some pictures with her in them– of course, she hasn’t seen them yet, so who knows if she’ll really consider it a blessing? Ha!

Anyway, I got so many shots that I loved, it was really hard to narrow it down to a few to share, so this post is a bit photo-heavy. But the pictures make me happy. They are such a beautiful family.


Baby Josefine is possibly the most photographed baby on the planet, so she was entirely unphased by me sticking my lens in her face.


She was also completely unamused. Honestly, she mostly acted bored by the entire process.


Isn’t she a sweet little thing with all that hair? She’s only four months old and is already wearing cutie little clips. IMG_8586

Love this one! Josefine is clearly thinking “there they go again with the mushy stuff.”


Love this sweet mommy-daughter shot.


Okay, in these next two, Jim and Sarah are on a boat. And we were nowhere near a body of water. Cracks me up.


Fearless adventurers, sailing the grassy seas! HA!



Isn’t that precious? Look at those sweet little clasped hands.

IMG_8728 copy1

Love this picture. 🙂

But this last one is my favorite.

IMG_8560 copy

Can I get a SQUEE???

Thanks, Jim, Sarah, and Josefine for letting me spend part of my afternoon with you today!



10 thoughts on “Pictures Pictures

  1. Yaaaaay! You AMAZE me at how fast you could get these on here! Wowsa, girl! And YES…I am entirely tooooo blessed by your willingness to capture me and my family…blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed! 🙂 THANK YOU! Now, I know how it feels to be on the receiving end! You did a beautious job…off to a FABULOUS start…you’ll be makin’ the *big bucks* in no time, I’d say! Have I said THANK YOU, yet??? I really, really enjoyed your comments, too…funny! Especially the boat on the grassy seas! Ha! Hmmm…I’m trying to pick a favorite…I don’t know WHAT is up w/ Josefine’s hair in that last one…too funny! 🙂 She is rather comatose in these…poor girl, needed her nap. I do love that whole focusy thingy! 🙂 And I’d have to vote that the one I love is the one of the Jimster and I with the trees above. Liking the whole rule of thirds deal. Ya done good! 🙂 THANKS…again. Wow…this is the loooongest comment ever. Funny thing is….I COULD go on. But, I’ll spare you. 😉

  2. These look great! The second to last one looks like a prayer card in waiting! You are totally right, most photographed baby & Sarah is THE sweetest, and Jim is probably the most go with the flow guy I know 🙂

    Good Work!

  3. you did a GREAT JOB! my husband is a photographer and we have to be very intentional about getting a family pic.

    photography ended up being a blessing to us. my husband started taking photography seriously when we were getting out of debt. his hobby became the second income our family needed to survive. eventually it even gave us the luxury of saying yes to rite-aid ice cream (something i always had to say no to before when we were so strapped).

  4. these photos are great! i wish you lived closer so you could come take some shot sof my kids! or teach me 🙂 what a great friend… to give your picture taking friend a turn in front of the lens!

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