Molly and Tony and Baby

Molly is one of my coworkers at the daycare, and she is pregnant and radiant and everything I never was during pregnancy.


Today we headed out to the lake to take some maternity photos of this new little family.


Molly said Tony wasn’t very excited to get his picture taken, but he was a great sport and we had a great time.


We had such a beautiful day for taking pictures.


And it didn’t hurt that Molly is one gorgeous pregnant lady.


I mean, seriously. Look at that belly!


Molly is just entering her third trimester.


I can’t imagine how gorgeous she’ll be in a couple more months! But no one is really inspired to be outside taking maternity pictures in Iowa in January.


Thanks for letting me take your pictures today, Molly and Tony! I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get my lens on your wee one in just a few more months!

(I took some family pictures for a friend today also. The camera is really getting a workout this week! I am hoping to start taking real live photography clients in the spring. It is such a blessing in the meantime to be able to bless others with something I enjoy so much.)


5 thoughts on “Molly and Tony and Baby

  1. Erin – glad to hear about you getting clients in the spring – your pictures are sooo beautiful – I was going to suggest you should go into business!

  2. I love that last one…I wanted to do one like this with Jim and I when I was pregnant w/ Josefine. Alas, we couldn’t get the right shot w/o a tripod…wish I could have asked you then! šŸ˜‰

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