Week Two

The Thirty Day Giving Challenge is halfway over, and so far it has just been an amazing experience.

I have done five free photoshoots for friends, which has been awesome. I love taking pictures and I really love being able to bless others with my passion.

My gifts this week haven’t been huge– a very small donation to a family in need, a pair of shoes given to a friend, cupcakes baked for my sweet family.

week two mosaic

Our blessings this week have been huge. A medical bill that has been hanging over our head was paid down to a much more manageable rate. Our utilities bills are caught up. And our sons have shown, over and over, that God is working in their hearts, teaching them the joys of generosity.

My sister has made me laugh, my daughter has been ridiculously cute, and even the dog got in on making me smile this week.

There have been moments (and more than moments) of discouragement this week, but the outpouring of love and encouragement from you wonderful people and from others in my life has been overwhelming. Thursday night I prayed that God would remind me in a tangible way of His love for me. I know that that is a prayer of weakness– that I should trust His promises and His Word and wait on His timing for His blessings, but as one of my dear Sunday School ladies says, He knows I’m dust and He loves me anyway.

Friday morning we found out about our medical bill.

God is good. He is incredibly good, and faithful, and even when we are in seasons of difficulty, reaping the harvest of our own sin, He is always there, always pouring out blessings.


And it’s very possible that a deeper knowledge of His mercies– new every morning— is the greatest blessing I will receive as a result of participating in this challenge.

And that is enough– more than enough– far more than I, in my weakness and failings, deserve.

God is good, all the time.


4 thoughts on “Week Two

  1. smiling for you…
    and your prayer? of weakness? i think that is just when He can show us His greatness.

    i love love love your photos. what i wouldn’t give for a precious photo of my husbands hands and mine making that heart over our babies-to-be! but those days are long gone!! your photos… they are really beautiful gifts πŸ™‚

  2. i ask God ALLLLLLLLLL the time to show me His love tangibly. personally i think HE WANTS US TO ASK, cause HE WANTS TO SHOW US. and i don’t think it is weak, i think we are His children, and we are saying “do it again daddy”… throw me in the air and catch me, swing me around in your arms, let me stand on Your toes and lets and dance with you a while… show me you love me. i think that a Father whose “love is better than life” wants us to ask Him to show us that it is.

    May he LAVISH His GREAT BIG LOVE on you this week.

    btw- do you know the song “Give” by third day?
    you MUST listen to it.
    i am going to pray the words for you beautiful erin.

    You said
    All that follow You may find
    Comfort, and pain
    Blessings in hard times
    Were I to leave, where else would I go
    The words of Life, and of Truth You hold

    All I want is love
    I confess to this
    I will take it Lord
    All You have to give

    How great the love lavished on us all
    That we can be the children of God (2x)


    and i’m sorry i leave you such lengthy comments.
    i like you.
    have been there.
    am fighting for you in prayer.


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