Haiku for my Daughter

Dear daughter of mine,
I love you more than you know.
Please stop chewing cords.

Your explorations
Of our living room carpet
Make me old too young.

Do not eat the string.
Do not crawl in the dog’s bed.
Do not chew Legos.

Where did you find that?
The modem is not a toy.
Stop eating the book.

You are very cute.
You laugh and squeal and head bop.
But you make me old.

Do not chew my toe.
Do not crawl under that desk.
Oh look! Time for nap!


8 thoughts on “Haiku for my Daughter

  1. I LOVE it! Nap is such a wonderful time… And as busy as I am now, I don’t miss the days where I had to be vigilant every second or disaster would occur. Now it’s just every 2 minutes – life does get better!

  2. LOL. Thanks for a morning smile! You are so creative.

    Life is JUST like that in my home right now. I swear they colaberate so that one distracts me while the other gets into something!

    Every night I think…”well I kept them from killing themselves one more day.”

  3. Love it! 🙂 Know the feeling! Erik just started scooting and I had a panic attack when I saw all the potential for choking hazards all over our house! 🙂

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