How to Trim the Tree– A Pictorial Tutorial

Step One: Dress baby up in cute clothes for the occasion. (This picture cracks. me. up.)

Step Two: Obsessively take pictures of the baby while poor husband sets up tree by himself.

Step Three: Add three strings of colored lights to the prelit white-light tree because the children have decided they want colored lights.

Step Four: Take picture of oldest child’s painful cheese grin.

Step Five: Take blurry picture of baby checking out the Christmas tree. (Notice that our tree is on a table this year. We’ve never had a mobile baby this young at Christmas before. It required some modification of our normal Christmas tree arrangement. We’ll see if it helps.)

Step Six: Take really blurry picture of the extremely wound-up dog.

Step Seven: Put ornaments on the tree. (Crazed sugar-high-Christmas-rush grin is optional).

(Be sure to cry when you put that one ornament on). (Or am I the only one who cries every year about one certain ornament?)

(Notice that I dressed for the occasion in my festive Christmas sweater).

Work together to get the job done right!

Step Eight: Add quirky snowman tree topper.

Step Nine: Let baby check out the tree. Take blurry picture of the exciting event.

Step Ten: Decide to take adorable picture of all the children in front of the tree.

(But not until after you have changed baby into pajamas. Add jaunty Santa hat and hope no one notices. Then proceed to point your failure out to the internets).

(Why do my sons behave like crazed lunatics when I try to take their picture?)

Step Eleven: Decide you’ve had enough family fun for one evening.

The End.


10 thoughts on “How to Trim the Tree– A Pictorial Tutorial

  1. Hee hee. I giggled the whole way through. I’m so excited that it’s almost Christmas!!! Although my husband informed me today that I was not allowed to get the Christmas decorations out until next weekend. *sigh*

  2. For some reason Sam looks really grown up in that picture of him putting up the ornament! I did a double take! He looks like a real boy! 🙂 Love your pretty tree, we’re putting ours up next weekend!

  3. These pictures are just percious!! Looks like all of you had a great time trimming the tree!!! Love the 11 steps of trimming a tree story!!

  4. I think Gracie’s Christmas outfit might be the cutest Christmas outfit I have EVER seen. Totally adorable!!! Hope you guys had some good family time! 🙂

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