Ten Entirely Random Things

1. My middle name is Jo. If I had been born on my grandpa’s birthday, my name would have been ErinJo Frances (Francis? I’m really not sure). I’ve always been kinda thankful I wasn’t born on my grandpa’s birthday. No offense, Grandpa.

2. I have cupcakes on my pajamas.

3. Today Stinky spent a good portion of his afternoon hanging a little Christmas stocking in various places around the house so they could celebrate Christmas. The computer chair, the light by my chair, and the light switch by the door all got in on the Christmas spirit.

4. Today I wrote a blog entry for later in the week that is awesome. My kids are the best.

5. (I have to write them now because I’m going to be away from the internets from Thursday through Sunday. And I might just die from lack of facebookage.)

6. I am so sick of all the hype about a certain movie that just came out that I shall call “Old Sun,” that I literally kind of want to scream every time anyone talks about it or whenever I see a movie poster with Cedric Diggory on it. He shall always be Cedric Diggory to me, no matter what the evil “Old Sun” people do to him. Sparkles. pffft.

7. I’m going to have to get up really early tomorrow to make some sort of dessert item for my son’s lunchbox. Because it was much more entertaining to play Scramble this afternoon than to work in the kitchen.

8. I really need to go to the bathroom but I don’t want to get up till I’m done with this blog entry. I’m so lazy.

9. Eggnog is good. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained 5 pounds just having it in the house.

10. I’m so pumped because I only have to work at the daycare two days this week. I love holidays. And not just for the pie. ❤

And now . . . to the bathroom!


6 thoughts on “Ten Entirely Random Things

  1. I totally agree about the “new sun” Movie. Abby nearly had a heart attack at burger kind the other day- She saw a full size cedric window cling and thought *he* was acutally there. My ears are still ringing from the high pitched squeals that were confined to the inside of the mini van. *sigh*

  2. my middle name is toni. my grandfather’s name was antonio. my younger sister’s name is toni. my dad’s name is joe tony.
    i don’t like the name toni.

    ughhh “old sun” people go away!

    and what am i going to do without blog and facebook for a few thanksgiving days. we’ll be with my sister toni, a.k.a. “mrs. dlal up.” who has dial up?
    she better have pie.

  3. My 13 year-old is always so bummed that we can’t find egg nog at the market year round!

    Old Sun has the biggest market out here in UT, and it seriously has taken over. Biggest opening weekends for the first and second movies.

  4. I HATE ‘Old Sun”!!! the worst part is the grown women obsessed with it! GROW UP PEOPLE! You expect it from a 14 year old a 34 yearold has no excuse for being so stupid!!!!

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