Just This Moment

We met on a scrapbooking message board, in a thread I started years ago. It began as a place to share your “true confessions,” but over time it evolved into a haven of friendship. I called them my TC Girls, and we shared our lives– the good and bad and funny and weird and creepy and disgusting and messy and awesome. We exchanged addresses and Christmas cards; added one another as friends on facebook; became deeply involved in each other’s lives. People thought I was strange for calling these women my friends– these people I had never met.

But I knew better.

When I lost Elijah nearly two years ago, these dear ladies wept with me. They rallied round and showered my family with love– cards, gifts, prayers. Their love and support– often in the middle of the night when no one else could talk– was one of the things that brought me through those darkest days.

Though our relationships have changed– though we have had drama and loss and heartache and seen people come and go– they are still my dear, dear TC girls.

And now, we walk the valley of shadow again.

One of the TC Girls passed away this morning– suddenly, unexpectedly. She was not old; she was not ill.

Yesterday she ordered Christmas gifts online for her daughters. Today she is gone.

I miss her already.

It’s so trite– but sometimes we need to hear the truth, whether it seems trite or not.

We only have this moment. We are not guaranteed another day, another hour.

Hug your babies. Call your friends. Tell your husband you love him. Take your children for a walk. Put your change in the kettle. Read the Bible. Be the person you hope to be someday. Smile. Laugh. Live.

Today, I am unwrapping this moment— this precious gift from God. It’s all I have.

We love you and miss you Diane. Thanks for the reminder to cherish each moment.


20 thoughts on “Just This Moment

  1. Sisters of the heart are the best kind. Erin, I’m sorry for your loss. To Diane’s family, let God comfort you through the arms of your loved ones.

  2. if only i could reach out and pass along a hug. because i lost a friend this way… so suddenly and unexpected. the helplessness and the rage and the complete sorrow. for you. for her kids. for her family. my most vivid moment of grief was of my husband trying to comfort me and i screamed at him through a milion tears that this was not something he could fix. and no one can… fix it. we can only sit in the palm of God’s hand and let him hold us… i am praying this for you today… and grabbing on to just this moment.

  3. Oh, I am so, so sorry for the loss of your friend and and your son. Thank you for the message you share here – it’s a reminder that needs to be whispered every day. November is a month heavy with loss and remembrance for me, too. I’m trying to work through some of what you write about here as I have another loved one who is right now in her final days. I’ve come to the same place as you have, in finding that urge to live the right now, pray it, say it, express your love and gratitude today because there’s no guarantee for a tomorrow.

    Again, I am so sorry for your loss and pain.


  4. i’m sorry.
    pray for her family. for peace, for God to lavish His love on them, provide, sustain, and bless them with His grace upon amazing grace, in Jesus.

    i sang at a memorial service on sunday for a woman i didn’t know. i knew her family. her death was unexpected (she choked, and was gone). our pastor gave the message and shared how some day God will change the score from- Death 1 Life 0. Death will not always win, WE WIN! Jesus changes the score to -Life 1, Death 0! and i can’t wait!
    i look forward to that GLORIOUS VICTORIOUS LIFE FILLED DAY!

    and i have a secret tribe of women.some people need a safe place to be. God is so good to provide that.

  5. I’m sad to learn of the loss of your friend. I will look forward to meeting her in heaven and I will start praying for her family.

    thanks for the important reminder — I’m going to give my boys a hug.

  6. I am so so sorry for the loss of your friend. I cannot even begin to wrap my head around how many people she must have touched.
    What a beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing in your grief.

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