Stinky and Bubs Talk about Thanksgiving

Me: Okay boys, we are gonna talk about Thanksgiving. I have some questions for you. Stinky, why do we have Thanksgiving?

Stinky: I don’t know. I don’t know really (laughs).

Bubs: I know the answer but I’m not telling.

Me: Well why do you think we might have Thanksgiving?

Stinky: To show respect to people? I don’t know.

Bubs: yeah, that sort of goes with the subject, but not really.

Me: Think about the name of it, Stinky. What words do you hear in Thanks giving?

Stinky: Thanks and giving.

Me: So what do you think Thanksgiving is for?

Stinky: To show how much you appreciate them?

Me: Who?

Stinky: The other people.

Me: What other people?

Stinky: The people that don’t really get to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Me: Bubs, can you tell me about the very first Thanksgiving?

Bubs: The Pilgrims came to an island, but it was part of America, and they lived there for about a year, but then at winter a lot of them died by a sickness which I do not know what it was, and a year later– the year after that– they waited all year and then it was Thanksgiving. Well, they celebrated Thanksgiving. And um, Governor Carver and Chief Massasoit were the rulers of the Indians and Pilgrims, and Governor Carver had asked Chief Massasoit to bring just a couple of his Indian friends but he showed up with 90 Indians. And then they started cooking and it took them a long time to cook because they were– it was hard to cook then– they didn’t have like ovens and that kind of stuff to cook turkey? Well, I don’t know, they might have. And then, they ate for a day, but the real Thanksgiving took three days to get all the stuff gone. And that’s the end. And can I answer Stinky’s question, because I know the answer.

Me: (typing furiously) Just a minute.

Bubs: Listen to this Stinky, because mom said I can answer your question so listen. It goes with the thanks and the giving.

Me: Okay, Bubs, why do we have Thanksgiving?

Bubs: To give thanks to God and give to other people. Mostly giving thanks.

Me: So we have Thanksgiving so we can give thanks to God. Stinky, what are some things you can be thankful for?

Stinky: Let me think . . . oh yeah. Our family. Bubs. And I actually like you. . . love you too. So you have to write down Erin. And I also love Daddy? And Little One? And that’s pretty much it. That’s all I can think of.

Me: What about you Bubs?

Bubs: I’m thankful for God sending Jesus to die on the cross, and I’m thankful for God and family and grandparents and I’m thankful for teachers and the church and stuff He gave us to enjoy and blessings. And that’s about it.

Me: Stinky, do you think we should only be thankful on Thanksgiving?

Stinky: (shaking head) Every day.

Me: Why?

Stinky: Because that’s showing respect for God.

Me: Bubs, what’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Bubs: I like squash. I just like to eat squash and sweet potatoes that look like the squash. And you know that like orange red thingy that grandma makes? That has like oranges in it? Cranberry stuff. Oranges, cranberries.

Me: Cranberry relish?

Bubs: Yeah, I like that too.

Stinky: do you like the turkey?

Bubs: Well it’s chewy. I like stuff that’s easy and juicy to chew. Like apples.

Me: Stinky, what’s your favorite t food?

Stinky: I like turkey and squash.That’s pretty much it.

Me: Boys, are you thankful for your brother?

Stinky: Yeah?

Bubs: Yeah? I forgot to mention it. Well I did, because I said family and that means Mommy, Daddy, Little One, Rosie, Stinky . . . so I did say it.

Me: Hey boys, I love you.

Bubs: Me too. Stinky, do you love Mommy?

Stinky: Yes I do.


7 thoughts on “Stinky and Bubs Talk about Thanksgiving

  1. Totally adorable. 🙂 Love the ‘showing respect for God’ line – such a nice thing to hear coming from a small mouth! 🙂 Not as nice as, “I love you”, though. 🙂

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  3. That’s pretty great! My eight year old would give some sort of holy answer that she knows we’d want to hear while my three and four year olds would just answer, “Jesus”. We’re still working on what Thanksgiving means!
    From the mouth of babes… come some side-splitting conversations. That’s why we have kids, right?

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