We Gave Thanks

I know it’s three days after Thanksgiving, and the rest of the world has moved past the giving of the thanks and the eating of the turkey and even the shopping of the crazy sales and has flung itself madly into the arms of Christmas. But here in the Together family, we have just returned from nearly four days away from pretty much everything except each other. Which, can I say, is a pretty darn nice way to spend Thanksgiving weekend.

This year, our family, along with my mom and dad, drove into the middle of Nebraska to church camp for Thanksgiving. Yes, I’m serious. My dad is a pastor, and the camp has a double wide trailer available for pastor’s families to stay in when they need some time away. So Thursday morning we loaded our van and station wagon with piles upon piles of bedding and food and games and clothes and toys and children and grown-ups, and after only two false starts we were on our way.

We had a wonderful time.

We walked in the woods and in the fields, over bridges and up towers.

We saw deer tracks, raccoon tracks, tractor tracks, and people tracks.

We met dogs and cats and cows and absolutely no people.

We read books, played games, took pictures, made the baby dance, and laughed until we cried.

We ate oatmeal and turkey and pie and pumpkin bread and birthday cupcakes and sandwiches. (Not all at the same time). (Although Art might have tried when we weren’t looking).

We got up early for sunrises, went out in the twilight to see the sunset, and had adventures in the great outdoors in the time in between.

We drove nowhere, answered no phone calls, spent no money, put on no makeup, checked no email.

In those brief days we packed in joy and laughter and tears and thanksgiving and good food and happy children and family traditions and inside jokes and a whole big bunch of rest and relaxation.

And we gave thanks.

And it was awesome.


If you didn’t stop by my blog on Friday, you missed a seriously hilarious conversation with my boys. You should check it out.

My mom was going to color my hair last night, but she accidentally took an Ambien instead of a Claritin at 6:00 at night, so we didn’t get to play salon. Which is why I will be wearing a Santa hat for the next three weeks. We can just all pretend I’m in the Christmas spirit.

Have a great night.


6 thoughts on “We Gave Thanks

  1. That looks absolutely fantastic. What a wonderful, memorable, RELAXING way to spend Thanksgiving. I know I’d be giving thanks if I could do that with my family. So glad you had a blessed holiday.

  2. Ha! You’re lucky, not knowing the difference between Ambien and Claritin could have resulted in something far stranger than having to wear a Santa hat for a little while. 🙂 it sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  3. it sounds wonderful… to be away… with each other! love your photos 🙂 and a santa hat is quite festive… but my head would get itchy after a while!

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