1. God’s goodness and provision for our needs over the last month, in large ways and small

2. Opportunities to bless others.

3. A thankful heart seen in my middle child, specifically.

4. Swinging on the swing at camp with Little One snuggled close to me in the carrier.

5. Laughter over jokes that aren’t nearly as funny now.

6. The chaos of trying to teach my sons to play Uno.

7. The little minivan that could.

8. A husband who works so very hard.

9. One whole week of bearded goodness while on vacation. (He is so handsome in that beard!)

10. Free Christmas cards.

11. A mother who prays for me and my children.

12. The wisdom of those I love and respect.

13. Friendships that bring so much richness and depth to my life.

14. Sons never ashamed to give their mom a kiss– even in front of friends.

15. Luxurious afternoon naps.

16. Coming closer to the top of the hole we dug for ourselves.

17. Free Frosty coupons.

18. Songs that make the baby dance.

19. Answers to prayers made in the middle of the night.

20. Abundance, even when we fear we don’t have enough.


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