Thirty-One Facts

1. I am thirty-one years old today.

2. Thirty-one, as in, in my thirties, not just thirty, which is practically still in your twenties now that I think about it.

3. In celebration of my newly-reached age and hopefully soon-to-follow maturity, I decided to do the grown-up thing and dye my own hair this morning instead of waiting for my mommy to do it in three weeks.

4. I really think it looks pretty good, although I can’t see the back.

5. I can’t see the back when my mom does it either, so I don’t really care.

6. I didn’t have time for birthday cake today because Wednesdays are crazy busy around our house.

7. And also Art and Little One are both sick.

8. I hope they get better soon because we have lots of fun big plans this weekend.

9. (Including celebrating my birthday).

10. Today I bought four DVDs on amazon for $22.50.

11. Except I didn’t pay anything, because I used gift cards that my husband and I earned on swagbucks.

12. If you don’t use swagbucks, you really should.

13. My cupcakes at work made me birthday cards today and they are really cute.

14. My cupcakes are kind of a pain a lot of the time, but they definitely have their cute moments.

15. Stinky and I worked on an Advent calendar-of-sorts that will go on the wall.

16. I really hope it will be ready before Christmas.

17. Today’s Advent activity was to show God’s love to others with a kind word or action.

18. We all failed, so we’re going to do it again tomorrow.

19. I asked Bubs if he could think of something encouraging he could say to one of the kids in his class at school.

20. He said it would be hard to say something nice to a certain boy.

21. It was a great opportunity to talk about how God wants us to be kind and loving even to people who aren’t always lovable.

22. I have a hankering for baked goods.

23. I don’t want to deal with the messy kitchen, though.

24. I really, really want to make one of these.

25. But I’m kind of afraid of using resin.

26. I made my very own blog header this month.

27. And posted every day in November.

28. So I get to cross two things off my list! Bye-bye number 2 and number 85!

29. (I have another one almost ready to cross off too. WAHOO!)

30. Thirty was a pretty good year, in spite of the bad stuff.

31. I have high hopes for thirty-one.


6 thoughts on “Thirty-One Facts

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! πŸ˜€ I hope that your birthday celebration is super special and wonderful, and that you find a way to lay your hands on some baked goods, post haste! And also, I hope that 31 will be your best year yet! πŸ™‚ And congratulations on all the great things you have accomplished, like making your own blog header, and, and, and…you are awesome. πŸ™‚

  2. I loved my thirties much more than my twenties. Really. And now I am loving the forties too, because I am seeing my children turn into adults that I like and respect. It is great!

    I hope you had a great birthday. I like knowing you.

  3. you should go to baskin robbins (31 flavors) and have ice cream, that is what 31 year olds do in my family. i haven’t been 31 for 5 years (or had baskin robbins).

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. happy happy birthday erin!
    what a great idea… your 31 things. so great i might have to borrow it for my big day that is just around the bend… but i will need a few more “things.” seven more. congrats to crossing off TWO items on your list!

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