You Live in a Zoo . . .

I came home from work last night after a not-so-fabulous day and discovered that the most wonderful man in the world had made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen and organized a little bit of birthday happiness for me.

He is the best, seriously.

Unfortunately, the only picture of him from the evening is this one, which I’m not sure really shows off the full extent of his wonderfulness.

It does, however, show off the full extent of the fact that we still have the kids’ halloween pumpkins out.

Also, I would like to add that he shaved this morning, and so is significantly less scary looking.

Anyway, Art made pork chops and mashed potatoes and salad for dinner, and he even made the coating for the pork chops from scratch because he couldn’t find the shake and bake. They were DELICIOUS.

While we feasted on meat and potatoes, Little One feasted on squash, banana chunks, and cheerios.

Little One has an ear infection and a very bad snot-nose. She hates her pink medicine. And also we couldn’t find a bib.

All of which worked together to bring you this:

Following this meal we bathed her, I promise. Poor baby. Ha!

Anyway, after we ate, I got my presents.

Stinky gave me a bookmark.

I have no idea. He said that the glue wasn’t quite dry yet, but I’m not sure that this really makes any more sense with the glue dry than it did with it wet. There’s about four sheets of paper glue together in there, by the way.

He also drew me a picture.

In which I am extraordinarily long-waisted and he is a midget, apparently.

Bubba’s gift was more practical.

It’s a purse. Inside were some laminated bookmarks he made for me. (I told Art I could use a couple bookmarks, so the boys made them for me).

I’m debating whether to carry the purse to church tomorrow. I’m not really a clutch girl. I kind of like a good long shoulder strap.

Art got me this rocking card. Look at the card, not my eyebrows.

You looked at my eyebrows, didn’t you? Isn’t that card hilarious? I love it. And what’s especially awesome is that Art sold some books on eBay to help pay for my birthday, and inside the card was some money for me to spend! So I will have those eyebrows taken care of very soon. Ha!

After presents, I got to blow out the candles on my birthday brownie.

3 candles and 1 candle = 31, get it?

(Oh, and don’t you love how I didn’t bother to change out of my pretty princess work polo? I’m stylin’, I tell ya.

Those brownies were so good I think I should go have another one right now.

After all this, the boys and I changed into pajamas and snuggled on the couch under a cozy quilt to watch The Polar Express. Art gave Little One a bath and ran the shower to clear her nose out. I attempted to give her a bottle and she threw it on the floor. We gave her her medicine and she got way more on her jammies than she did in her tummy. Art put her to bed and then made us hot cocoa, which Sam and I teamed up to dump all over the cozy quilt and him. There was much screaming and crying and failing. Once he changed his pj’s and had a new cup of cooler hot cocoa (just in case), we finished the movie and the kids went to bed.

And it was a great birthday.

Thanks, honey, for making it special. I love you!


4 thoughts on “You Live in a Zoo . . .

  1. The picture of Art cracks me up. Looks like a really fun birthday celebration!

    Oh, and I’d totally carry that purse to church tomorrow. Think of how special Sam would feel if you did!

  2. AHHHH!! Happy Birthday! I turn off my blogger mind for one day and I missed your birthday! Oooops!

    Well it looks like your family threw you a smashingly good time, which you absolutely deserve. I’m glad to hear it was a great day!

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